South Carolina General Assembly

General Appropriations Bill H. 4700 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1998



SECTION 1. The sources of general fund revenues appropriated in Section 2 of this part are as follows:

(1) Fiscal Year 1997-98 BEA Surplus $61,201,043
(2) Fiscal Year 1997-98 Unclaimed Property Fund
per BEA 5,925,000
(3) Securities Fees 5,031,670
(4) Estate Tax 7,000,000
(5) Interest Earnings 7,000,000
TOTAL, All Sources $86,157,713

SECTION 2. The following sums are appropriated from the general fund of the State to supplement appropriations made for the expenses of state government in Part IA of this act to the extent that unobligated surplus revenues of the 1997-98 fiscal year are available:

( 1) General Reserve Fund $ 7,269,750
( 2) Aid to Subdivisions: Local Government Fund
(Maintain FY 97-98 Funding Level) 16,963,913
( 3) Aid to Subdivisions: Local Government Fund
(Growth) 10,904,625
( 4) Aid to Subdivisions: Property Tax Relief Fund 16,594,952
( 5) Budget and Control Board - Employee Benefits:
Annualization of Pay Plan 9,359,113
( 6) Department of Health and Human Services:
(a) Medicaid Client Growth 2,778,770
(b) Medicaid Products Growth 3,000,000
(c) Supplemental Medicare Insurance
Premium Increase 1,629,546
(d) Nursing Home Rate Adjustment 4,000,000
(e) Rural Health Clinics/Federally Qualified
Health Centers Growth 1,499,735
( 7) Department of Social Services: Emotionally
Disturbed Children 5,500,000
( 8) Commission on Higher Education:
(a) Employment Security Contract - Performance
Tracking 52,000
(b) African American Loan Program 100,000
(c) Access and Equity 105,000
(d) SC Alliance for Minority Participation (SCAMP) 600,000
( 9) University of South Carolina:
(a) Small Business Development Center 191,398
(b) African American Professors Program 150,000
(10 ) Clemson University: Center for Advanced
Engineering - Fibers and Films 650,000
(11) University of Charleston: Youth Race Initiative 50,000
(12) State Board for Technical & Comprehensive Education:
(a) Trident Tech: Omega Project 55,000
(b) Greenville Tech: Missing and Exploited Children 10,000
(13) School for the Deaf and the Blind: Expand
Summer Programs 53,420
(14) Wil Lou Gray School: Communications Support 25,000
(15) State Museum: Local Museum Initiative
(a) Lee County Cottom Museum 100,000
(b) Cayce Museum 25,000
(16) Department of Health and Environmental Control:
(a) Infectious Disease Detection and Control 53,351
(b) Osteoporosis Prevention and Education 100,000
(c) Golden Strip Human Resources Center 100,000
(17) Department of Mental Health: Medications
Research Project 200,000
(18) Department of Alcohol and Other Drug
Abuse Services: The Bridge 300,000
(19) Commission on Minority Affairs: Men's
Service Centers 63,500
(20) Attorney General: Violence Against Women 60,000
(21) Commission on Appellate Defense: Maintain
FY 98 Funding Level 340,000
(22) Department of Corrections:
(a) Maintenance of Facilities and Security Systems 363,718
(b) Medical Contracts Inflation 780,000
(23) Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon
Services: Restitution Act Implementation 1,000,000
(24) Adjutant General: Tuition Assistance 250,000
(25) Department of Commerce: Technology Council 200,000
(26) Workers' Compensation Commission: Self
Insurance Examiners 15,000
(27) Department of Natural Resources:
(a) Natural Resources Development 125,000
(c) Aquatic Weed Management 75,000
(28) Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism:
(a) U.S. Youth Games 25,000
(b) High School Rodeo 10,000
(c) South Carolina Peach Festival 60,000
(29) Governor's School for the Arts: Robert Shaw
Choral Institute 20,000
(30) State Budget and Control Board:
(a) Confederate Relic Room Research 5,000
(b) Statewide Performance Audit 200,000
(c) Oversight Requirement-Erdhardt 19,922
(d) Allendale Initiative 125,000
TOTAL, Section 2 $86,157,713

SECTION 3.   (A)   Article 11, Chapter 1, Title 13 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding:

   "Section 13-1-1770.   The Advisory Coordinating Council for Economic Development shall establish the 'Downtown Redevelopment Program' for the purpose of making grants for revitalizing and enhancing the viability of downtown areas through partnerships of municipal government, county government, and private investors.
   The council shall establish the program guidelines, regulations, and criteria by which grants must be evaluated and awarded including, but not limited to:
      (1)   a nonstate match requirement of at least one hundred fifty percent of state grant funds; and
      (2)   completing an economic impact before an award is made."

   (B)   This section takes effect July 1, 1998.

SECTION 4. The appropriations in Section 2 of this part are listed in priority order beginning with item (1). Item (1) of Section 2 must be funded first and the remaining items or subitems must be funded seriatim to the extent that revenues are available. Each item or subitem must be fully funded before any funds are allocated to the next item. Provided, however, that any individual item or subitem may be partially funded in the order in which it appears to the extent that revenues are available. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this part may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

SECTION 5. Except as otherwise stated, this part takes effect July 1, 1998, but no appropriation in Section 2 may be paid until after the Comptroller General closes the state's books on Fiscal Year 1997-98 and no such appropriation shall be available to state agencies until September 1, 1998. Appropriations contained in this part shall be posted in Fiscal Year 1998-99.


   All Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with any of the provisions of Part I or Part III of this Act are hereby suspended for Fiscal Year 1998-99.
   All Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with any of the provisions of Part II of this Act are hereby repealed.
   Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, this Act shall take effect immediately upon its approval by the Governor.