South Carolina General Assembly

General Appropriations Bill H. 4775 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2000



SECTION 1.        The sources of general fund revenues appropriated in Section 3 of this part are as follows:

     Fiscal year 1998-99 cash surplus      $91,193,951
     Less:      H.4660, Comptroller General Accounting System &
           Health Insurance for Schools      (8,314,155)
     Lapse of video poker monitoring fees        5,872,633

TOTAL, All Sources      $88,752,429

SECTION 2.        An amount not exceeding $5,872,633 retained by the Department of Revenue pursuant to Section 12-21-2720(F) of the 1976 Code as that provision existed before July 1, 2000, lapses to the general fund of the State.

SECTION 3.        The following sums are appropriated or transferred, as applicable from the general fund of the State for the purposes stated:

     (1)      General Reserve Fund Transfer      $ 2,545,350
     (2)      Aid to Subdivisions - State Treasurer
                 Local Government Fund      3,818,025
     (3)      Aid to Subdivisions - Comptroller General
                 Personal Property Tax Relief      50,000,000
     (4)      Department of Revenue
                 Video Poker License Fee Refunds      14,000,000
                     (4.1)      (Video Game License Refund)  The Department of Revenue shall pay for the refund of any video Game machine license fees from the supplemental appropriations that are provided for that purpose.  Unexpended funds shall revert to the General Fund at the end of the current fiscal year.
     (5)      Department of Education
                 (a)      EAA Summer School & Comprehensive Remediation Program      4,000,000
                 (b)      Institute for Teachers of Government - Furman University      103,099
     (6)      Commission on Higher Education
                 (a)      GEAR-UP      1,000,000
                 (b)      College and University Technology Initiative      3,978,000
     (7)      Higher Education Tuition Grants
                 Tuition Grants      1,975,000
     (8)      Educational Television Commission
                 Partnership for Distance Learning      317,000
     (9)      Department of Archives and History
                 Mary McLeod Bethune Historic Home      250,000
     (10)      Election Commission
                 2000 General Election      2,250,000
     (11)      Clemson University-PSA
                 Youth Development      600,000
     (12)      Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
                 Alternative Funding      2,000,000
     (13)      Department of Commerce
                 S.C. Community Economic Development Act      1,300,000
                     (13.1)      (Community Economic Development Act - Sustainable Development)  The Department must distribute fifty percent of the funds appropriated for Community Development to the Intergovernmental Council on Sustainable Development.
     (14)      Workers' Compensation Commission
                 Self-Insurance Program Audit Function      15,000
     (15)      Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
                 Elevator & Amusement Ride Regulation      80,000
     (16)      State Ethics Commission
                 Computer System      40,000
     (17)      The Senate
                 (a)      NCSL & Council of State Government Dues      5,955
                 (b)      Council for Conflict Resolution      350,000
     (18)      Budget and Control Board, Division of Operations
                 Leadership SC      75,000
     (19)      Department of Health and Human Services
                 Bishopville - Lee County Child Care Center          50,000

     Total Appropriation      $88,752,429

SECTION 4.  Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this part may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and used for the same purposes.


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