South Carolina General Assembly

General Appropriations Bill H. 4775 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2000



SECTION 1.      The sources of general fund revenues appropriated in Section 2 of this part is $130,043,037 in projected fiscal year 1999-2000 surplus.

SECTION 2.      The following sums are appropriated for the general fund of the State as provided in Section 3 for the purposes stated:

     (1)      Department of Revenue
                 Video Poker License Fee Refunds      4,400,000
                     (1.1)      (Video Game License Refund)  The Department of Revenue shall pay for the refund of any video Game machine license fees from the supplemental appropriations that are provided for that purpose.  Unexpended funds shall revert to the General Fund at the end of the current fiscal year.
     (2)      Budget and Control Board - Employee Benefits
                 (a)      Health Insurance FY 2000-01 Rate Increase      10,225,000
                 (b)      401K Program      7,200,000
     (3)      Department of Education
                 (a)      Health and Dental Benefits - Part-Time Teachers      225,000
                 (b)      Intervention - At-Risk District      1,000,000
                     (3b.1)      (EAA - Intervention - At Risk Districts)  Funds appropriated for Intervention - At-Risk Districts shall be designated for any school district not currently declared impaired but was in that status some time after 1985 if the district has eighty percent or more of its students eligible for free and reduced lunch program and any attendance zones composed of former districts which were declared impaired.
                 (c)      Governor's School for the Arts      2,034,000
                 (d)      Institute for Teachers of Government - Furman University      196,901
                 (e)      K-12 Technology Initiative      16,500,000
     (5)      Commission on Higher Education
                 Research Incentive Grant Program      5,000,000
                     (5.1)      (Research Incentive Grant Program) Of the funds appropriated for the Research Incentive Grant Program, 10% of the total will be designated for use by the comprehensive teaching universities with the remainder designated for use by the research universities.  Any unused funds may be distributed between the comprehensive teaching and the research universities as justified.
                     (6)      Higher Education Tuition Grants
                 (a)      Tuition Grants      750,000
                 (b)      Student Legislature      15,000
     (7)      Commission on Higher Education
                 (a)      Performance Funding      18,600,000
                 (b)      Academic Endowment Incentive      1,937,601
     (8)      Clemson University
                 (a)      Municipal Services      1,117,000
                 (b)      Call Me MISTER Initiative      517,174
     (9)      University of Charleston
                 (a)      Avery Research Center      50,000
                 (b)      Youth Race Initiative      50,000
     (10)      Coastal Carolina University
                 (a)      Atlantic Center - Marine Science Program      200,000
                 (b)      Art Department -Specialized Accreditation      75,000
     (11)      S.C. State University
                 (a)      Transportation Center      500,000
                 (b)      DHEC/DLLR Health & Safety Inspection      905,375
                 (c)      Business School Accreditation      500,000
     (12)      University of South Carolina - Columbia Campus
                 (a)      Baruch Institute:
                       National Estuarine Research Program & Road Pavement      231,113
                 (b)      Small Business Development Center      191,398
                 (c)      Law Library      111,913
                 (d)      Institute of Public Affairs - Center for Environmental Policy      138,000
     (13)      Educational Television Commission
                 Rock Hill Relocation      121,000
     (14)      Department of Archives and History
                 Willington Preservation Project      250,000
     (15)      State Museum
                 Local Museum Grants      750,000
                     (15.1)      (Local Museum Grants)  Of the funds appropriated for Local Museum Grants, $500,000 shall be allocated to the Calhoun County Museum and $10,000 to the Greer Heritage Museum with no match funding required.
     (16)      Department of Health and Human Services
                 (a)      FY 2000-01 Community Long Term Care Waiting List - 500 Slots      1,600,000
                 (b)      Restoration of AWP Change from 13% to 11%      1,700,000
                 (c)      Restoration of FQHC Reduction in Reimbursements by 5%      182,000
                 (d)      Hospital-Based Health Clinics      1,568,000
                     (16d.1)      (Rural Health Clinics)  Of the monies appropriated for Provider Based Rural Health Clinics, $1,268,000 shall be used to reimburse hospitals who owned or operated rural health clinics between August 20, 1993 and December 31, 1997 at 100% of Medicare reasonable costs as required by federal law for the operation of these rural health clinics as defined by the department, and any remaining funds shall be used for cost report adjustment.
                 (e)      Hospital Base Increase      4,608,880
                 (f)      Palmetto Senior Care      1,700,000
                     (16f.1)      (PACE Medicaid Program)  From the funds appropriated herein, an amount not to exceed $142,000 per month shall be used to transition Palmetto SeniorCare from federal research and demonstration status to Medicaid State Plan status.  The funds are subject to the availability of matching funds from other federally approved resources for the provision of this service.  Palmetto SeniorCare shall maintain an average daily census not to exceed 400 clients during the funding period.  These funds are for such transition only and shall not be used for other entities wishing to pursue approval as a Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program.  The Department shall perform a study to determine the types of diagnoses and impairment levels of the clients served by the program and how the program fits in the Medicaid long-term care continuum.  The department shall use, in part, the information from this study and shall develop a rate methodology which will result in a more cost effective rate for PACE and which is reflective of the population served.  The department shall report to the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and the Governor no later than January 15, 2001.  The funds appropriated herein shall be expended on a monthly basis provided Palmetto Health Alliance provides a monthly payment to the department not to exceed $167,000.  If Palmetto Health Alliance fails to provide their monthly payment, state funds for Palmetto SeniorCare will be withheld.
     (17)      Department of Health and Environmental Control
                 (a)      Beach Restoration      1,700,000
                 (b)      Environmental Policy Research Fund      100,000
     (18)      Governor's Office - Office of Executive Policy and Programs
                 World War II Monument - Washington, D.C.      200,000
     (19)      Judicial Department
                 Drug Treatment Court Pilot Program      1,500,000
                     (19.1)      (Pilot Drug Treatment Court Program)  Of the funds appropriated for the Drug Court Program, at least $850,000 must be used for drug court grants and $500,000 must be used to establish and operate a pilot drug treatment court program in the Third Judicial Circuit.  The Chief Justice has the sole authority to appoint the drug treatment court judges and to prescribe their powers, jurisdiction, and authority, which may include criminal and civil matters.  A person appointed to serve as a drug treatment court judge may receive an annual stipend for this service in addition to reimbursement for mileage and other ordinary expenses.  The Chief Justice may appoint a "Drug Court Commissioner" who does not have to be an attorney and who shall have the sole responsibility for establishing, operating, and maintaining this pilot project.  The compensation for the position of Drug Court Commissioner must be equivalent to the salary of a family court judge.  The Drug Court Commissioner shall appoint a local drug treatment court management committee for the Third Circuit.  The purpose of this committee is to establish the guidelines and procedures necessary to operate and evaluate the drug treatment court subject to any administrative orders which the Chief Justice may issue regarding the drug treatment court.
                                 The committee shall consist of the following members:
                       (1)      at least two members of the judiciary;
                       (2)      the Third Judicial Circuit solicitor or his designee;
                                       (3)      a Public Defender or Contract Public Defender from the Third Judicial Circuit as designated by the President of the South Carolina Public Defender's Association;
                       (4)      a local law enforcement officer;
                       (5)      a probation officer or community specialist;
                       (6)      a representative of the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services;
                       (7)      a representative of the Department of Social Services;
                       (8)      a representative of the Department of Mental Health;
                       (9)      the Drug Court Commissioner; and
                       (10)      other persons selected by the committee.
                                 Any funds associated with this pilot program which are not expended in this fiscal year may be retained and carried forward to the next fiscal year to be used for the same purposes as described in this paragraph.
     (20)      Governor's Office - State Law Enforcement Division
                 Laboratory      400,000
     (21)      Attorney General
                 (a)      Palmetto Exile Prosecution Unit      155,000
                 (b)      White Collar Crimes Prosecution Unit      6,200
     (22)      Department of Public Safety
                 (a)      Computer System      650,000
                 (b)      New Trooper Class      2,700,000
                 (c)      Litter Program      500,000
                     (22c.1)(Litter Program)  The funds provided for a "Litter Program" in this section shall be expended based upon a plan that is developed in conjunction with the Governor's Task Force on Litter.
     (23)      Department of Corrections
                 Institutional Maintenance      1,000,000
     (24)      Department of Probation, Pardon and Parole Services
                 (a)      Transition Housing/Aftercare      250,000
                 (b)      Information Technology      210,000
     (25)      Department of Juvenile Justice
                 (a)      Northeast Center       3,577,998
                 (b)      Other Operating Expenses - Subclass, Detention Center
                       and Evaluation Center      1,273,321
                 (c)      Information Technology      452,163
                 (d)      Juvenile Arbitration Program      500,000
                 (e)      I. DeQuincy Newman Mentoring Program      100,000
     (26)      Department of Revenue
                 Electronic Document Processing System      1,000,000
     (27)      Adjutant General
                 (a)      Tuition Assistance      350,000
                 (b)      State Guard Training and Funeral Service      150,000
     (28)      Forestry Commission
                 Environmental Education      100,000
     (29)      Department of Agriculture
                 ITC Petition      40,000
                     (29.1)      (International Trade Petition)  The Department shall distribute forty thousand dollars ($40,000) to the Blue Crab Alliance to aid its petition efforts with the United States International Trade Commission.
     (30)      Clemson University - PSA
                 (a)      Fire Ant Research & Education      200,000
                 (b)      Palmetto 2030      385,000
                 (c)      Equine Inventory      100,000
     (31)      S.C. State University-PSA
                 1890 Leadership Institution/Regulatory & Public Service      500,000
     (32)      Department of Natural Resources
                 (a)      NPS Cost Share      690,000
                 (b)      Water Monitoring Network      150,000
                 (c)      Aquatic Nuisance Program      400,000
     (33)      Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism
                 Alternative Funding      4,000,000
     (34)      Department of Commerce
                 (a)      Staff Development      165,000
                 (b)      Tokyo Office      100,000
                 (c)      SC Biotechnology Center      360,000
     (35)      Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
                 Fire Academy - Equipment and Operations      250,000
     (36)      The Senate
                 Legal Expenses      100,000
     (37)      House of Representatives
                 (a)      Legal Expenses      100,000
                 (b)      Operating Expenses      150,000
     (38)      Legislative Printing
                 Software/Technical Support      228,000
     (39)      Budget and Control Board - Division of Budget and Analyses
                 (a)      Professional Development      50,000
                     (39a.1)      (Professional Development) To ensure that state government employees are properly trained to achieve their mission, and courteously and effectively to serve the taxpayers, the funds appropriated for professional development must be used to provide a professional development training curriculum to achieve performance excellence based on criteria used for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  The program must have a common curriculum to include the philosophy, teamwork training, and problem-solving techniques that provide the foundation for success in meeting the Malcolm Baldrige criteria.
                 (b)      Medicaid Study - Research & Statistical Services      50,000
                     (39b.1)      (Medicaid Program Analysis)  From the funds appropriated to the Office of Research and Statistics, the Budget and Control Board shall provide members of the State Legislature with periodic reports and analysis of the economic benefits and costs of the State Medicaid program.  This analysis shall include, but is not limited to, a review of: 1) the actual and projected number of eligibles and recipients for each of the qualifying groups; 2) the actual and projected costs of providing services to each of the qualifying groups and reimbursement rates to the providers; 3) the benefits and scope of services provided to Medicaid recipients as compared to other states; 4) the compliance of the state Medicaid program with federal and state rules, regulations and laws governing the Medicaid program; and 5) the identification of cost savings opportunities through the use of technologies, managed care and other management techniques to achieve quality and efficiency in the Medicaid program.  The Office of Research and Statistics, shall at least annually, publish a report on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the financial integrity and stability of the State Medicaid program. The Department of Health and Human Services must provide to the staff of the Office of Research and Statistics all financial and statistical data, excluding any confidential identifying information, regarding the Medicaid program.
     (40)      Commission on Higher Education
                 Performance Funding      9,500,000
     (41)      State Board for Technical & Comprehensive Education
                 Special Schools       10,500,000

     Total Appropriation            $130,043,037

SECTION 3.  The appropriations in Section 2 of this part are contingent based on the availability of unobligated fiscal year 1999-2000 general fund revenues and are therefore listed in priority order beginning with item (1).  Each separate item or subitem must be fully funded before the next item or subitem in order of priority until all items are paid or funds are unavailable, whichever occurs first.  Provided, however, that any individual item or subitem may be partially funded in the order in which it appears to the extent that revenues are available.  Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this part may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.  Appropriations in this part must be posted in Fiscal Year 2000-2001.

SECTION 4.  Except as otherwise stated, this part takes effect July 1, 2000, but no appropriation in Section 2 may be paid before the later of September 1, 2000, or the date the Comptroller General closes the state's books on fiscal year 1999-2000.


     All Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with any of the provisions of Part I, Part III, or Part IV of this Act are hereby suspended for Fiscal Year 2000 -2001.
     All Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with any of the provisions of Part II of this Act are hereby repealed.
     Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, this Act shall take effect immediately upon its approval by the Governor.
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