South Carolina General Assembly
113th Session, 1999-2000

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Bill 3699

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March 22, 2000

H. 3699

Introduced by Ways and Means Committee

S. Printed 3/22/00--S.

Read the first time March 24, 1999.




Amend Title To Conform

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. (A) The following sums are appropriated from 1998-99 surplus general fund revenues for the purpose stated:

(1) Adjutant General-Emergency

Preparedness Division

FEMA Match for Hurricane Floyd $11,467,088

FEMA Match for Winter Storm 3,589,969

(2) Department of Health and Human Services

Medicaid (Deficit) 25,849,000

(3) Budget and Control Board

800 Mhz Communication System 3,000,000

(4) Department of Transportation

Emergency Evacuation

Message Boards and Advisory Radios 2,000,000

(5) Trust Fund for Tax Relief 37,520,531

(6) Department of Health and Human Services

Reimbursements Shortage to Rural

Health Clinics 1,200,000

TOTAL $84,626,588

(B) (7.1) The exemption amount of the homestead exemption allowed pursuant to Section 12-37-250 of the 1976 Code is raised from twenty to fifty thousand dollars for property tax year 2000 and thereafter, to be funded as provided herein. The amount appropriated to the Trust Fund for Tax Relief must be used to reimburse counties, municipalities, school districts, and special purpose districts, as applicable, for this increased exemption amount in the manner provided in Section 12-37-270 of the 1976 Code. For tax years after 2000, an amount sufficient to fund the exemption provided herein must be appropriated from the Tobacco Settlement Fund, before any reductions or withdrawals as may be provided by law, to the Trust Fund for Tax Relief and must be used to reimburse counties, municipalities, school districts, and special purpose districts, as applicable, for this increased exemption amount in the manner provided in Section 12-37-270 of the 1976 Code.

SECTION 2. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this joint resolution may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and used for the same purposes.

SECTION 3. The 1976 Code is amended by adding:

"Section 12-6-640. Monies appropriated to the Commissioners of Pilotage must be used as a grant to the maritime Association of the Port of Charleston for the purpose of supporting the establishment of a maritime exchange system to provide vessel information services and is not taxable income for purposes of this chapter."

SECTION 4. Title 44 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding:


The South Carolina Seniors'

Prescription Drug Program Act

Section 44-130-10. This chapter may be cited as the 'South Carolina Seniors' Prescription Drug Program Act'.

Section 44-130-20. There is created within the Office of Insurance Service of the State Budget and Control Board the South Carolina Seniors' Prescription Drug Program. Beginning January 1, 2001, this program must provide financial assistance to senior citizens in purchasing prescription drugs who are ineligible for or do not have insurance coverage or other assistance through federal, state, or private programs for these purchases. Prescription drugs are defined as outpatient prescription drugs, including insulin syringes and insulin needles, and insulin. Only prescription drugs that have been approved as safe and effective by the United States Food and Drug Administration are covered under this program. Experimental drugs and over the counter pharmaceutical products are specifically not covered under this program.

The Office of Insurance Services shall maintain data to allow evaluation of the cost effectiveness of the program and submit semiannual reports to the Governor and General Assembly summarizing beneficiary demographics, utilization, provider dispensing experience, and any other information needed to evaluate the costs and benefits of the prescription drug program.

Section 44-130-30. This program must be administered by the State Budget and Control Board through its Office of Insurance Services. The office may designate or enter into contracts with other entities to assist in this administration. The program may include:

(1) co-payments and deductibles based on income;

(2) incentives for the use of generic drugs; and

(3) prospective and retrospective utilization review, clinical management, and other administrative techniques used in the management of the State Health Insurance Plan in order to reduce drug interactions, overutilizations, therapeutic duplications, or early refills.

When requested by the office, other state agencies shall provide assistance or information necessary in the administration of this program.

Section 44-130-40. A person eligible to participate for this program must:

(1) be a South Carolina resident who has attained the age of sixty-five years;

(2) have resided in South Carolina at least six consecutive months before participation in the program;

(3) be ineligible for Medicaid prescription benefits;

(4) not have any pharmacy benefits or coverage from any governmental or private insurance program providing such benefits;

(5) have an annual income that does not exceed two hundred percent of the federal poverty level.

Priority must be given to applicants without Medicare supplements or other third party benefits or coverage during the six months before application. If federal programs provide significant similar benefits to seniors eligible under this program, the office may reassess the program and provide similar or other pharmacy benefits to seniors if the program's costs remain substantially similar."

SECTION 5. SECTIONS 1 through 3 take effect upon approval by the Governor and SECTION 4 takes effect June 1, 2001.


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