South Carolina General Assembly
113th Session, 1999-2000

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Bill 4776

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June 22, 2000

H. 4776

Introduced by Ways and Means Committee

S. Printed 5/4/00--S.

Read the first time March 28, 2000.




Amend Title To Conform

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. In accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 36(B)(2) and (3), Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, and Section 11-11-320(C) and (D) of the 1976 Code, there is appropriated from the monies available in the Capital Reserve Fund for fiscal year 1999-00 the following amounts:

(1) State Department of Education

SC First Steps to School Readiness $10,000,000

Instructional Materials 4,972,335

School Facilities Maintenance 5,000,000

K-12 Technology Initiative 1,354,000

(1.1)(School Building Aid Allocation) Funds appropriated for School Building Aid shall be transferred to a special trust fund established by the Comptroller General. Funds appropriated shall be distributed to the school districts of State for use in accordance with Section 59-21-350 of the 1976 Code. Funds shall be allocated to eligible school districts on a per pupil basis. The allocation must be bsed on the 135-day count of average daily membership for the second preceding fiscal year.

(1.2) (School Building Aid Funds Expenditure) Funds appropriated in this item or in a previous appropriation act for school building aid may be expended by the school district without approval from the State Board of Education . The Department of Education shall require that school districts include in their annual audit a verification of compliance with all applicable state laws associated with the use of the these funds.

(2) Educational Television Commission

Charleston Regional Station 250,000

Plastics Learning Network -

Continuing Education 37,500

(3) Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

Accounting Software Upgrade 35,000

Facility Master Lock System 90,000

Automobile for the Youth Challenge Academy 23,000

(4) Higher Education Institutions

Performance Funding - Current 35,361,337

Performance Funding - Increase 22,000,000

University of South Carolina System - Columbia

Materials Research Science and

Engineering Center (Nano Technology) 1,000,000

(5) Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education

Equipment and Technology Infrastructure 2,100,000

(6) State Museum

Lee County Cotton Museum 100,000

Cayce Historical Museum 25,000

(7) Department of Health and Environmental Control

Beach Restoration 2,000,000

EMS Equipment 1,000,000

(7.1) (Beach Restoration Fund) Of the funds appropriated

for beach restoration, $1,000,000 must be used

to reimburse Horry County for beach renourishment

expenses incurred during Fiscal Year 1999-2000.

(8) Department of Natural Resources

Savannah River Basin Study 250,000

(9) Department of Commerce

South Carolina Biotechnology Center 360,000

YMCA Youth in Government 25,000

International Trade 375,000

(10) Department of Transportation

Greenville Transit Authority 200,000

(11) Secretary of State

Information Technology 250,000

(12) Comptroller General

Accounting System 1,000,000

(13) Adjutant General

Armory Operations/Maintenance 250,000

(14) Budget and Control Board

Division of Operations

Governor's Mansion Renovation 1,905,128

Division of Regional Development

Local Government Grant Fund 6,575,731

Sustainable Universities Initiative 300,000

Lynchburg 75,000

TOTAL $96,914,031.

SECTION 2. The Comptroller General shall post the appropriations contained in this joint resolution in fiscal year 2000-2001. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this joint resolution may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purpose.

SECTION 3. This joint resolution takes effect thirty days after the completion of the 1999-00 fiscal year in accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 36(B)(3)(a), Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, and Section 11-11-320(D)(1) of the 1976 Code.

/s/John C. Land, III /s/Robert W. Harrell, Jr.

/s/Nikki G. Setzler /s/Mark S. Kelley

/s/ Thomas L. Moore /s/Richard M. Quinn, Jr.

On Part of the Senate. On Part of the House.


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