South Carolina General Assembly
116th Session, 2005-2006

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Bill 3717

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April 25, 2005

H. 3717

Introduced by Ways and Means Committee

S. Printed 4/25/05--S.    [SEC 4/26/05 2:43 PM]

Read the first time March 16, 2005.




Amend Title To Conform

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION    1.    In accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 36(B)(2) and (3), Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, and Section 11-11-320(C) and (D) of the 1976 Code, there is appropriated from the monies available in the Capital Reserve Fund for Fiscal Year 2004-2005 the following dollar amounts:

(1)    Debt Service    12,000,000

(2)    Barnwell Trust Fund    4,783,095

(3)    Department of Commerce

(a)    Repay Insurance Reserve Fund    3,500,000

(b)    Competitive Grants    500,000

(4)    State Department of Education

(a)    School Buses    10,000,000

(b)    Governor's School for the Arts

Deferred Maintenance    775,000

(c)    Governor's School - Math & Science

Deferred Maintenance    775,000

(5)    Department of Social Services

(a)    Child Support Enforcement Computer System    11,500,000

(b)    Greenville Urban League    86,000

(6)    Department of Health & Environmental Control

Competitive Grants    500,000

(7)    Educational Television Commission

Education Satellite Service    1,400,000

(8)    Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

HVAC    2,000,000

(9)    Francis Marion University

College of Nursing Building    1,500,000

(10)    Clemson University

(a)    Engineering Research Centers    408,728

(b)    Deferred Maintenance    400,000

(11)    Coastal Carolina University

Science Building Support    500,000

(12)    University of South Carolina - Columbia

(a)    Gambrell Hall Repairs    500,000

(b)    West Campus Safety Improvements    400,000

(c)    Steamline Replacement/Repair    500,000

(d)    Deferred Maintenance    475,000

(13)    Winthrop University

Thurmond College of Business Administration    1,000,000

(14)    Medical University of South Carolina

Nursing Clinical Teaching Lab    1,500,000

(15)    State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education

(a)    Orangeburg Technical College    1,500,000

(b)    York Technical College-Infrastructure Project    522,000

(16)    School for the Deaf and the Blind

Life Safety Improvements    1,988,590

(17)    Department of Public Safety

(a)    Vehicles for New Law Enforcement Officers    3,724,080

(b)    Replace Existing High Mileage Vehicles    3,000,000

(c)    Renovation of Criminal Justice Academy

Roof, Dormitories & Classrooms    2,000,000

(18)    Department of Corrections

Vehicle Radio & Security    1,247,953

(19)    Department of Juvenile Justice

(a)    New Dorm Construction    2,300,000

(b)    Deferred Maintenance    500,000

(20)    Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Competitive Grants    3,000,000

(21)    Department of Archives & History

Old Exchange Building    850,000

(22)    Department of Mental Health

Veterans Nursing Homes    3,000,000

(23)    Vocational Rehabilitation

Roof Repair    600,000

(24)    Commission for the Blind

Building Life Safety Improvements    900,000

(25)    Clemson-PSA

Baruch Institute    5,000,000

(26)    State Ports Authority

Harbor Dredging    2,400,000

(27)    Judicial Department

Technology Upgrades    3,785,000

(28)    Governor's Office-SLED

(a)    Vehicles    1,500,000

(b)    Equipment and Training    1,000,000

(29)    Adjutant General's Office

(a)    Youth Challenge Program    250,000

(b)    Emergency Preparedness Federal Match    500,000

(30)    Office of Appellate Defense

Information Technology Upgrade    45,000

(31)    Workers' Compensation Commission

Computer Database    886,180

(32)    Department of Consumer Affairs

Computer Platform- DOTNET System    300,000

(33)    Legislative Audit Council

Equipment    4,400

(34)    Budget & Control Board

(a)    National Guard Pension Fund - Administration    50,000

(b)    Competitive Grants    2,600,000

(c)    Local Economic Support    400,000

(d)    Expansion of Heritage Corridor         500,000

TOTAL    99,356,026

SECTION 2. (SDE: Buses, Parts, and/or Fuel) Funds appropriated for school bus purchases may be used to purchase buses and fuel.

SECTION    3.    The Comptroller General shall post the appropriations contained in this joint resolution in fiscal year 2005-2006. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this joint resolution may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purpose.

SECTION    4.    This joint resolution takes effect thirty days after the completion of the 2004-2005 fiscal year in accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 36(B)(3)(a), Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, and Section 11-11-320(D)(1) of the 1976 Code.


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