South Carolina General Assembly
116th Session, 2005-2006

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Bill 4811

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March 30, 2006

H. 4811

Introduced by Ways and Means Committee

S. Printed 3/30/06--H.    [SEC 3/31/06 11:21 AM]

Read the first time March 21, 2006.




Amend Title To Conform

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION    1.    The following sums are appropriated from Fiscal Year 2005-2006 surplus general fund revenues for the purpose stated to the extent unobligated surplus revenues are available:

(1)    Department of Disabilities & Special Needs

Residential Waiting List    $9,231,000;

(2)    Department of Mental Health

Community Services    1,500,000;

(3)    Department of Health & Human Services

OSS - Long Term Care    5,000,000;

(4)    Department of Health & Environmental Control

Trauma Center Fund    2,000,000;

(4.1)        Of the funds appropriated to the South Carolina State Trauma Care Fund, $2,000,000 must be utilized for increasing the reimbursement rates for trauma hospitals, for trauma specialists' professional fee, for increasing the capability of EMS trauma care providers from counties with a high rate of traumatic injury deaths to care for injury patients, and for support of the trauma system, based on a methodology as determined by the department with guidance and input from members of the medical and trauma providers community. The methodology to be developed must include a breakdown of disbursement of funds by percentage, with a proposed 75 percent disbursed to hospitals and trauma physician fees, 21 percent disbursed to EMS providers in counties with high trauma mortality rates, and 4 percent allocated to the department for administration of the fund and support of the trauma system.

(5)    Department of Health & Environmental Control

Beach Renourishment    5,000,000;

(6)    Department of Disabilities & Special Needs

Crisis Prevention    6,000,000;

(7)    Department of Health & Human Services

Nursing Home Beds    9,000,000;

(8)    Department of Health & Human Services

Rural Hospital Grants    3,500,000;

(9)    Department of Health & Human Services

Breast Cancer Treatment and Screening    1,000,000;

(10)    Department of Mental Health                     Veterans Nursing Homes - Colleton County    2,400,000;

(11)    Department of Health & Human Services

Physician Reimbursements    3,000,000;

(12)    Department of Health & Environmental Control

Critical Public Health Staffing    3,910,958;

(13)    Department of Health & Environmental Control

Vaccine Purchases for the Underinsured    1,147,589;

(14)    Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Palmetto Trails    100,000;

(15)    Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Charlestown Landing    7,000,000;

(16)    Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

International Advertising    500,000;

(17)    Department of Education

Student Athletics    1;

(17.1)    From the funds appropriated and any other funds necessary, the South Carolina Department of Education shall insure that no public school participates in the South Carolina High School League if, by imposition of a waiting period, a private school student is prohibited from participating in a sport against a public school if the student is otherwise eligible and the private school is governed by and participates in sports under the auspices of the South Carolina High School League. If any public school should violate this provision, the Department of Education is directed to withhold, from all schools in the league or from that particular school, any funds appropriated or authorized for Student Athletics, as well as any services provided for student athletics, including but not limited to, the use of state owned school buses for the transport of said student.

(18)    School for the Deaf & the Blind

Student Safety, Independence,

and Efficiency    1,268,078;

(19)    Prosecution Coordination Commission

Victims and Witness Assistance Programs    1,800,000;

(19.1)    The $1,800,000 appropriated for Solicitors Victim/Witness Assistance Programs must be apportioned among the circuits on a per capita basis and based upon the official census of 2000. Payment must be made as soon after the beginning of each quarter as practical.

(20)    Department of Mental Health

Patient Care Buildings Safety Renovations    4,400,000;

(21)    Department of Mental Health

Crafts Farrow Renovation for

Forensic Capacity    2,560,000;

(22)    Department of Mental Health

Bryan Renovation for Crisis Capacity    1,250,000;

(23)    Department of Mental Health

Charleston Center Administration Addition    1,500,000;

(24)    Department of Mental Health

Nurturing Center    90,000;

(25)    Department of Transportation

Mass Transit    1,300,000;

(26)    Department of Transportation

Port Access Road    500,000;

(27)    Department of Corrections

Operating Funds - Turbeville    1,500,000;

(28)    Department of Corrections

Salary Differential Level 2 & 3 Facilities    5,750,000;

(28.1)    From the funds appropriated for a targeted pay differential for the Department of Corrections, uniformed security staff at Level II and Level III prisons shall receive an incentive pay. All of these funds are earmarked for this purpose and must be used in a fashion to address vacancies and turnover of security staff. If any officer leaves a Level II or Level III prison for any non Level II or Level III facility that officer is no longer eligible to receive the pay differential.

(29)    Department of Probation, Pardon

& Parole Services

Sex Offender Monitoring and Supervision    1,825,000;

(30)    Department of Natural Resources

Law Enforcement Officers    1,000,000;

(31)    Department of Juvenile Justice

Alternative Placements & Intensive PPS    581,160;

(32)    Department of Juvenile Justice

Re-open Omega Dorm    1,246,346;

(33)    Clemson University

International Center for Auto Research    2,000,000;

(34)    Clemson University

Academic Road Map    4,000,000;

(35)    University of South Carolina - Columbia

Congaree Initiative    2,000,000;

(36)    University of South Carolina - Columbia

Faculty Support    4,000,000;

(37)    Medical University of South Carolina

Hollings Cancer Center    500,000;

(38)    Medical University of South Carolina

College of Dental Medicine    4,000,000;

(39)    University of Charleston

MRR Parity        524,238;

(40)    Coastal Carolina University

MRR Parity        3,765,000;

(41)    Lander University

MRR Parity        174,252;

(42)    University of South Carolina - Aiken

MRR Parity        599,237;

(43)    University of South Carolina - Upstate

MRR Parity        1,877,675;

(44)    University of South Carolina - Beaufort

MRR Parity        502,175;

(45)    University of South Carolina - Lancaster

MRR Parity        650,000;

(46)    University of South Carolina - Salkehatchie

MRR Parity        100,000;

(47)    Winthrop University

MRR Parity        1,172,423;

(48)    SC State University

Transportation Center    748,365;

(49)    University of Charleston

Real Estate Program    612,764;

(50)    University of Charleston

School of Business: Office of

Tourism Analysis    150,000;

(51)    University of Charleston

Marine Genomics    602,999;

(52)    Francis Marion University

Early Childhood - Training Program    585,000;

(53)    Francis Marion University

Women & Minorities in Science

& Mathematics    100,000;

(54)    Lander University

Nursing Program    130,000;

(55)    Judicial Department

Family & Circuit Court Travel    1,000,000;

(56)    Department of Education

Governor's School for Science

& Mathematics    500,000;

(57)    Department of Education

Governor's School for the Arts

& Humanities    500,000;

(58)    Office of Indigent Defense

Operations & Maintenance    200,000;

(59)    Office of Indigent Defense

Conflict Fund    500,000;

(60)    Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

Software Update    68,000;

(61)    Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

Operating Expenses    275,000;

(62)    Commission on Higher Education

Data and Facilities Staffing    135,000;

(63)    Lieutenant Governor's Office

Community Based Support Services

- Office on Aging    2,900,000;

(64)    State Library

Public Library Construction Grants     110,000;

(65)    Arts Commission

Arts Facility Project    378,636;

(66)    Forestry Commission

Mission Critical Functions    2,000,000;

(67)    Human Affairs Commission

Legal - Personal Service & Other Operating    9,591;

(68)    State Museum

Myrtle Beach Children's Museum    750,000;

(69)    State Museum

Imagine Nation: Children's Museum

of the Upstate    700,000;

(70)    State Museum

Greer Museum    100,000;

(71)    State Museum

Mauldin Cultural Center    200,000;

(72)    State Museum

Observatory, Planetarium, Theater    3,459,000;

(73)    State Museum

Chapman Cultural Center    500,000;

(74)    State Museum

Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium    500,000;

Total                                $130,429,487.

SECTION    2.    The appropriations in Section 1 of this act are listed in priority order beginning with item (1) and each separate appropriation item or subitem must be fully funded before the next item or subitem in order is paid. Provided, however, that any individual item may be partially funded in the order in which it appears to the extent that revenues are available. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this act may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

SECTION    3.    Except as otherwise stated, this joint resolution takes effect upon approval by the Governor, but no appropriation in Section 1 may be paid until thirty days after the Comptroller General closes the state's books on fiscal year 2005-2006.


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