South Carolina General Assembly
122nd Session, 2017-2018

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H. 4293


House Resolution
Sponsors: Reps. B. Newton, Alexander, Allison, Anderson, Anthony, Arrington, Atkinson, Atwater, Bales, Ballentine, Bamberg, Bannister, Bedingfield, Bennett, Bernstein, Blackwell, Bowers, Bradley, Brown, Burns, Caskey, Chumley, Clary, Clemmons, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, Cogswell, Cole, Collins, Crawford, Crosby, Daning, Davis, Delleney, Dillard, Douglas, Duckworth, Elliott, Erickson, Felder, Finlay, Forrest, Forrester, Fry, Funderburk, Gagnon, Gilliard, Govan, Hamilton, Hardee, Hart, Hayes, Henderson, Henegan, Herbkersman, Hewitt, Hill, Hiott, Hixon, Hosey, Howard, Huggins, Jefferson, Johnson, Jordan, King, Kirby, Knight, Loftis, Long, Lowe, Lucas, Mack, Magnuson, Martin, McCoy, McCravy, McEachern, McKnight, Mitchell, D.C. Moss, V.S. Moss, Murphy, W. Newton, Norrell, Ott, Parks, Pitts, Pope, Putnam, Quinn, Ridgeway, M. Rivers, S. Rivers, Robinson-Simpson, Rutherford, Ryhal, Sandifer, Simrill, G.M. Smith, G.R. Smith, J.E. Smith, Sottile, Spires, Stavrinakis, Stringer, Tallon, Taylor, Thayer, Thigpen, Toole, Weeks, West, Wheeler, Whipper, White, Whitmire, Williams, Willis and Yow
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Introduced in the House on May 9, 2017
Adopted by the House on May 9, 2017

Summary: Dr. Gene Moore


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    5/9/2017  House   Introduced and adopted (House Journal-page 182)

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Whereas, Dr. Gene Moore's dedication to ensuring the education of the children of Lancaster County has led Lancaster County School District to achieve Absolute Growth Ratings of Excellent on the State Report Card and receive the first District AdvancED Accreditation in 2012 and successful reaccreditation in 2017. He has been instrumental in the district's focus on teaching literacy skills across subject areas and placing reading coaches in the schools, as well as in increasing graduation rates and decreasing drop-out rates; and

Whereas, during his tenure, he has supported expanding the Early Head Start Grant at Southside Elementary School. He also was imperative in the process of implementing an AP incentive grant, which has resulted in an increase in the number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses. Under his leadership, the district has been able to install a state-of-the-art technology information structure and implement one-to-one initiatives that provide every student from third to twelfth grades with a Chromebook; and

Whereas, Dr. Moore spearheaded the implementation of two consecutive GEAR-UP grants that encouraged students to go to college and provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to those students; and

Whereas, he often visits schools to increase the visibility of the superintendent in order to drive higher expectations for performance by administrators and teachers. Furthermore, he continually rides school buses to experience what both students and drivers encounter on a daily basis, including time spent, routing, safety, comfort, and discipline. His commitment is further evidenced by his willingness over the past eleven years to serve as a substitute for a day to two teachers randomly drawn during the annual Welcome Back, Teachers Week, and after spending time in the classroom, has even called a few students' parents to compliment them on their well-behaved children; and

Whereas, additionally, he was instrumental in the district's push to increase school safety through new visitor procedures, remodeling facility entrances, requiring volunteer background checks, and requiring students to pass Alive at 25 to park on campuses. With the help of Dr. Moore, the district was able to create an online application process to fill vacancies, an online process for scheduling substitute teachers, a substitute orientation program, an online transcript service, and an online sign-up for free and reduced meals; and

Whereas, due to growth issues in the Indian Land community, it became necessary to build Harrisburg Elementary in 2014. This process could not have gone as smoothly without the leadership of Dr. Moore. Moreover, in 2016, he helped pass a 199 million dollar bond referendum to build two new schools, three strategically-located multi-purpose buildings, and renovations to existing schools; and

Whereas, he has been recognized by the Boy Scouts of America with a Golden Eagle award and by Wingate University and the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a Distinguished Alumni Award; and

Whereas, his appreciation of his employees is unparalleled; his genuine care for others is starkly evident. He has stood firmly committed to serving the citizens of the county by preparing students for academic success, future careers, and their ability to compete in a global economy. He has provided significant leadership in the area of community involvement in the education of our youth, grounded in the principle that educational investment is key to the community's well-being and long-term quality of life. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, by this resolution, honor and recognize Dr. Gene Moore for his commitment to providing an exemplary education to the children of Lancaster County.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Dr. Gene Moore.


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