August 2011 Feature of the Month

Mary Grace Wingard - A Student Making a Difference

"Get to know your legislators. That way you'll be comfortable with them when you tell them your ideas." - Mary Grace Wingard

Mary Grace Wingard

Mary Grace Wingard, a student from Lexington, South Carolina is proof that anyone can make a difference. You just have to be willing to get involved. Mary Grace decided to try to get collards named the official state vegetable of South Carolina. She researced her idea, then contacted her State Senator, other Legislators and the Governor asking for their help. On June 2, 2011 her hard work was rewarded as Act Number 38 of 2011 was signed into law, designating collard greens as our Official State Vegetable. Read Mary Grace's story.

For more information, visit our State Symbols & Emblems link under Cool Stuff! You'll find collard greens in the Plants & Edibles category.

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