July 2010 Feature of the Month

The Official State Heritage Horse of South Carolina - The Marsh Tacky

    Are you wondering, “what exactly is a Marsh Tacky?” Well, the Marsh Tacky is a rare colonial Spanish horse breed unique to our State. These tough horses have played a pivotal role in the development and defense of South Carolina and were an intergral part of life in early Lowcountry communities, providing transportation and agricultural horsepower. Act No. 240 was signed into law on June 11, 2010, designating the Marsh Tacky as the Official State Heritage Horse of South Carolina.

    The Carolina Marsh Tacky Assocation was established in 2007 to preserve and promote the Marsh Tacky Horse. Visit the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association website to learn more about the history and the future of this rare breed.

    marsh tacky marsh tacky with young girls
    Images courtesy of Jackie McFadden - Carolina Marsh Tacky Association.

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