June 2011 Feature of the Month

    South Carolina's Counties - What did you learn over the past nine months?

      Since September 2010 we've been using our Feature of the Month to highlight all the counties in South Carolina. What have you learned over these past months? Can you answer the questions below?

      1. How many Counties are there in South Carolina? Answer
      2. What County is named for a United States Vice President? Answer
      3. Walhalla is the County Seat of what County? Answer
      4. What is the County Seat of Berkeley County? Answer
      5. What is the largest County in the State in land area? Answer
      6. What County is named for an American Revolution battle fought in Massachusetts? Answer
      7. What is the youngest County in South Carolina? Answer
      8. What County is named for King George II of England? Answer
      9. What is the County Seat of Cherokee County? Answer
      10. What County is named for the Revolutionary War General who was known as the Swamp Fox? Answer

      We hope you've enjoyed these past months as we've focused on the Counties of South Carolina. Our wish is that you've learned lots of new and interesting information about your State and the Counties that make it so unique.

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