View Amendment Current Amendment: 488C004.AGM.WAB17.docx to Bill 488     Senator SCOTT proposed the following amendment (WAB\488C004.AGM.WAB17):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, Section 56-3-2320(A)(2), as contained in SECTION 1, by deleting the item in its entirety and inserting:

/     (2)     A dealer may be issued two plates for the first twenty fifteen vehicles sold during the preceding year and one additional plate for each fifteen vehicles sold beyond the initial twenty during the preceding year. For good cause shown, the department in its discretion may issue extra plates. If the dealer has been licensed less than one year, the department shall issue a number of license plates based on an estimated number of sales for the coming year. The department may increase or decrease the number of plates issued based on actual sales made. /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.