View Amendment Current Amendment: 45 to Bill 3929 Rep. CLARY proposes the following Amendment No. 45 to H. 3929 (COUNCIL\DG\3929C001.BBM.DG17):

Reference is to Printer's Date 4/27/17--H.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking Section 46-45-80 and inserting:

/      "Section 46-45-80.      (A)      Any setback distances given in R. 61-43, Standards for Permitting of Agricultural Animal Facilities, are minimum siting requirements as established by the Department of Health and Environmental Control. As long as the established setbacks are achieved, the department may not require additional setback distances on a case-by- case basis considering the factors set forth in the regulation. Such distances from property lines or residences may be waived or reduced by written consent of the adjoining property owners, or otherwise without consent of the adjoining property owners, when there are innovative and alternative technologies approved by the department pursuant to the Innovative and Alternative Technologies Section of R. 61-43. All agricultural animal facilities affected by these setback provisions must have a vegetative buffer between the facility and the affected residence person as established by DHEC unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the adjoining landowners.
     (B)      The department shall consider the cumulative impacts including, but not limited to; impacts from evaporation; storm water; and other potential and actual point and nonpoint sources of pollution runoff; levels of nutrients or other elements in the soils and nearby waterways; groundwater or aquifer contamination; pathogens or other elements; and the pollution assimilative capacity of the receiving waterbody. These cumulative impacts will be considered prior to permitting new or expanded poultry facility or another agricultural animal facility. Alternative manure and other waste by-product treatment and utilization methods may be required in watersheds which are nutrient-sensitive waters, or impaired by pathogens.
     (C)      The department also shall act on all permits so as to prevent degradation of water quality due to the cumulative and secondary effects of permit decisions. Cumulative and secondary effects are impacts attributable to the collective effects of a number of poultry facilities or another agricultural animal facilities in a defined area and include the effects of additional projects similar to the requested permit proposed on sites in the vicinity. All permit decision shall ensure that poultry facility or another agricultural animal facility and manure treatment and utilization alternative with the least adverse impact on the environment shall be utilized. To accomplish this, new and expanding facilities, shall use the best available technology for the handling, storage, processing, treatment, and utilization of manure. Cumulative and secondary impacts include, but are not limited to; run off from land application of manure and a poultry facility or another agricultural animal facility; evaporation and atmosphere deposition of elements; ground-water or aquifer contamination; the build up of elements in the soil; and other potential and actual point and nonpoint sources of pollution in the vicinity."      /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.