View Amendment Current Amendment: 3823R001.DR.KS.docx to Bill 3823     The General Committee proposed the following amendment (3823R001.DR.KS):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, page 1, line 18, by inserting:

Whereas, the purpose of this legislation is to address the problem of infants born affected by drugs and alcohol in South Carolina and to clarify the circumstances under which health professionals are to report fetal and infant substance exposure to the South Carolina Department of Social Services so the department can provide services or referrals for services to mothers with substance use disorders and infants born affected by substances; and

Whereas, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) of 2016, an amendment to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), aims to address the problem of infants born affected by substance use disorder, particularly opioid use disorder. The law requires each state to develop plans of safe care for infants affected by substance abuse; and

Whereas, the Administration for Children and Families has stated that, to comply with the law, "the State must have statewide laws, policies, or procedures requiring health care providers involved in the delivery or care of infants born and identified as affected by substance abuse, withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure, or a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder to notify the State's child protective services of the occurrence of such conditions of infants." Now, therefore,             /

Amend the bill further, as and if amended, by striking SECTION 2 in its entirety.

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.