View Amendment Current Amendment: 1 to Bill 3138 Reps. BANNISTER and STAVRINAKIS propose the following Amendment No. 1 to H. 3138 (COUNCIL\ZW\3138C001.NL.ZW17):

Reference is to Printer's Date 5/3/17-H.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by adding appropriately numbered SECTIONS to read:

/      SECTION      ( ).      Section 61-4-1515(A), as last amended by Act 36 of 2013, is further amended to read:

/      (A)      A brewery licensed permitted in this State is authorized to offer samples of sell beer to consumers on its licensed permitted premises, provided that the beer is brewed on the licensed permitted premises with an alcoholic content of twelve percent by weight, or less, subject to the following conditions:
           (1)      sales to or samplings by consumers must be held in conjunction with a tour by the consumer of the licensed permitted premises and the entire brewing process utilized at the licensed permitted premises;
           (2)      sales or samplings shall not be offered or made to, or allowed to be offered, made to, or consumed by an intoxicated person or a person who is under the age of twenty-one;
           (3)(a)      no more than a total of forty-eight ounces of beer brewed at the licensed permitted premises, including amounts of samples offered and consumed with or without cost, shall be sold to a consumer for on-premises consumption within a twenty-four hour period; and
           (b)      of that forty-eight ounces of beer available to be sold to a consumer within a twenty-four hour period, no more than sixteen ounces of beer with an alcoholic weight of above eight percent, including any samples offered and consumed with or without cost, shall be sold to a consumer for on-premises consumption within a twenty-four hour period;
           (4)      a brewery must develop and use a system to monitor the amounts and types of beer sampled or sold to a consumer for on-premises consumption;
           (5)      a brewery must sell the beer at the licensed permitted premises at a price approximating retail prices generally charged for identical beverages in the county where the licensed permitted premises are located;
           (6)      a brewery must remit appropriate taxes to the Department of Revenue for beer sales in an amount equal to and in a manner required for excise taxes assessed by the department. A brewery also must remit appropriate sales and use taxes and local hospitality taxes;
           (7)      a brewery must post information that states the alcoholic content by weight of the various types of beer available in the brewery and the penalties for convictions for:
           (a)      driving under the influence;
           (b)      unlawful transport of an alcoholic container; and
           (c)      unlawful transfer of alcohol to minors.
And, the information shall be in signage that must be posted at each entrance, each exit, and in places in a brewery seen during a tour;
           (8)      a brewery must provide department or DAODAS approved alcohol enforcement training for the employees who serve beer on the licensed permitted premises to consumers for on-premises consumption, so as to prevent and prohibit unlawful sales, transfer, transport, or consumption of beer by persons who are under the age of twenty-one or who are intoxicated; and
           (9)      a brewery must maintain a liquor liability insurance policy or a general liability insurance policy with a liquor liability endorsement in the amount of at least one million dollars for the biennial period for which it is licensed permitted. Within ten days of receiving its biennial license permit, a brewery must send proof of this insurance to the State Law Enforcement Division and to the Department of Revenue, where the proof of insurance information shall be retained with the department's alcohol beverage licensing section.            

SECTION      ( ).      Section 61-4-1515(B), as added by Act 223 of 2014, is amended to read:

     (B)      In addition to the sampling and sales provisions set forth in subsection (A), a brewery licensed permitted in this State is authorized to sell beer produced on its licensed permitted premises to consumers on site for on-premises consumption within an area of its permitted and licensed premises approved by the rules and regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control governing eating and drinking establishments and other food service establishments. These establishments also may apply for a retail on-premises consumption permit for the sale of beer and wine of a producer not produced on the licensed premises that has been purchased from a wholesaler through the three-tier distribution chain set forth in Section 61-4-735 and Section 61-4-940.            /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.