View Amendment Current Amendment: JUD0007.019.DOCX to Bill 7     Senator KIMPSON proposed the following amendment (JUD0007.019):

    Amend the committee report, as and if amended, page [7-2], by striking line 3, and inserting therein the following:
    /         Insurance Reserve Fund's internet website.
    (7)     Notwithstanding the liability limits outlined in Section 15-78-120(a)(1) through (a)(4), where one or more claimants individually and in a representative capacity, have brought a claim or claims seeking actual damages against one or more governmental entities, and where a court has certified those claims for actual damages as a class action, there shall not be a limit on the actual damages recoverable by the named claimant or claimants, or by the members of any such class."         /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.