View Amendment Current Amendment: 1 to Bill 3577 The Committee on Education and Public Works proposes the following Amendment No. 1 to H. 3577 (COUNCIL\WAB\3577C001.AGM.WAB19):

Reference is to the bill as introduced.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by deleting all after the enacting words and inserting:

/ SECTION      1.      Article 1, Chapter 25, Title 59 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding:

     "Section 59-25-25.      (A)      The State Board of Education is authorized to approve alternative route providers and programs for educator preparation and certification. The board shall establish guidelines that must include a timely review of all programs and providers and the guidelines must allow for differentiated designs and delivery methodologies of both providers and individual programs. Educator preparation programs housed within an institution of higher education (IHE) may be approved as an alternative route provider and may submit a separate and distinct educator preparation program for alternative certification to the State Board of Education and the Commission on Higher Education for approval. These alternative preparation programs are not required to be nationally accredited, but, consistent with other alternative preparation programs, IHE-led alternative programs must include, but are not limited to, documented evidence of the following:
           (1)      budget and sources of revenue including fees paid by the candidates;
           (2)      organizational information including the names and qualifications of administrators, support staff, and faculty;
           (3)      entry requirements for candidates for each certification area program offered by the applicant;
           (4)      plans for curriculum offerings including delivery method and timeframe, field placements, field supervision plans, and assessments of success;
           (5)      partnerships with public schools for clinical experiences, if applicable, including signed memoranda of agreement with detailed responsibilities for the alternative route educator provider program and the school district;
           (6)      evidence of annual successful teaching experience by the candidates and progress toward obtaining a professional certificate;
           (7)      ongoing monitoring of candidates' performances in the classroom while in the alternative route program; and
           (8)      mentoring provided by the educator preparation program.
     (B)      The department annually shall report the total number of individuals employed in this State, by district, with certificates issued by IHE alternative programs to the State Board of Education and the General Assembly before March thirty-first of each year."

SECTION      2.      Section 59-26-20 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding a subsection at the end to read:

     "( )(1)      The State Board of Education, through the State Department of Education, shall develop and implement a plan for the cyclical evaluation process for all alternative route educator preparation providers and programs every seven years. Institutions of higher education that are approved providers the by Commission on Higher Education must be consulted in the cyclical evaluation process. The plan must include requirements for initial and continuing approval and must include evidence of annual successful teaching experience of educators differentiated by program. The board shall include a process for revocation of program approval, continuous evaluation and upgrading of standards for program approval for all alternative route providers and programs;
           (2)      For purposes of this section:
           (a)      an alternative certification provider is defined as the entity responsible for the preparation of educators; and
           (b)      an alternative certification program is defined as a sequence of academic courses and experiences leading to a state certification."

SECTION      3.      This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor. /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.