View Amendment Current Amendment: 4000C011.RT.SA19.DOCX to Bill 4000     Senator FANNING proposes the following amendment (\4000C011.RT.SA19.DOCX):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 1, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, page 303, after line 31, by adding an appropriately numbered new proviso to read:
/(SDE: Additional State Aid to Classrooms)     (A)     In addition to the funds appropriated in Proviso 1.3 for State Aid to Classrooms, there is appropriated an additional amount sufficient to provide an extra thirty dollars of state funds to each student.
    (B)     Notwithstanding Proviso 1.3, the percentage increase in the revised state minimum teacher salary schedule must be decreased by one percent for all categories and years of experience.     /    

    Amend the bill further, Part 1B, Section 118, STATEWIDE REVENUE, beginning on page 535, by striking Proviso 118.15 and inserting:
/     (SR: Teacher Bonus and Taxpayer Rebate) (A)     In the event that amounts in excess of the Fiscal Year 2018-19 unobligated general fund revenue as certified by the Board of Economic Advisors become available due to increased income tax collections resulting from the lottery ticket redemption associated with the October 24, 2018 Mega Millions contest, after the close of Fiscal Year 2018-19, the Comptroller General shall transfer such amounts in excess of the total certified unobligated general fund revenue up to $61,400,000 to the Department of Education sufficient to provide a one percent bonus to each teacher. Any remaining funds must be transferred to a Taxpayer Rebate Fund.
    (B)     The bonus provided for in subsection (A)is a one-time lump sum payment equal to one percent of the teacher's salary. This payment is not a part of the teacher's base salary and is not earnable compensation for purposes of employer or employee contributions to respective retirement systems.
    (C)     From the Taxpayer Rebate Fund, to the extent sufficient funds are available, the Department of Revenue shall provide a twenty-five dollar refund to each individual income tax return filed for tax year 2018 that has at least a state individual income tax liability of twenty-five dollars, after credits, for returns filed on or before October 15, 2019. The Department of Revenue may prorate this amount based upon actual funds and eligible returns and is directed to issue these checks on December 2, 2019.         /
    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend sections, totals and title to conform.