View Amendment Current Amendment: 4000R029.SP.LKG.DOCX to Bill 4000     Senator GROOMS proposes the following amendment (4000R029.SP.LKG.DOCX):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 88, STATE PORTS AUTHORITY, page 438, proviso 88.5, by striking lines 11-36 and page 439 by striking lines 1-16 and inserting /     88.5.     (SPA: Jasper Ocean Terminal Permitting Sale of Jasper Ocean Terminal)     The funds appropriated to the State Ports Authority (SPA) for the Jasper Ocean Terminal shall be utilized by the SPA to pay for activities approved and directed by the joint venture governing board and associated with advancing the Project during FY 2018-19. In connection with activities that are approved and directed by the joint venture, SPA shall comply with the directive of Section 54-3-115 of the South Carolina Code in regard to taking "all action necessary to expeditiously develop a port in Jasper County." Activities undertaken during FY 2018-19 may include, but are not limited to, the following:
        1.     working on a corporate governance model for the joint venture as an operating port;
        2.     working on terminal simulation for design and operation;
        3.     working on plans, studies, and modeling in conjunction with the respective South Carolina and Georgia Departments of Transportation and the metropolitan planning organization to identify and assess supporting road and rail infrastructure for the terminal footprint including, but not limited to, supporting infrastructure that may have independent utility;
        4.     working on sedimentation modeling for impacts on construction and dredging;
        5.     taking actions in furtherance of obtaining: (a) a Department of the Army permit pursuant to Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act; (b) a permit pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, to prepare a Channel Modification Feasibility Study; and (c) studies necessary in connection with developing an Environmental Impact Statement for the Project; and
        6.     discharging its obligations pursuant to its Joint Venture Agreement with the Georgia Ports Authority.
    The funds appropriated to SPA for the Jasper Ocean Terminal Permitting may not be used for reimbursement of SPA expenditures made in a prior fiscal year and must be used only for one or more of the purposes set forth above.
    SPA shall provide a detailed report in writing to the members of the South Carolina General Assembly on or before the first day of the 2019 legislative session and another such report on or before June 30, 2019, describing the progress made as of the dates of those reports in regard to the Jasper Ocean Terminal, such to include a description of the ongoing and planned work.
    (A)     From the funds appropriated to the Department of Administration, the Department of Administration is directed to conduct a competitive bidding process for the sale of the State's interest in the development of the Jasper Ocean Terminal. The Department of Administration shall procure such professional services as are necessary to conduct the sale, the evaluation of bids received, and related activities. Staff from the State Fiscal Accountability Authority's Procurement Services Division shall assist the department in conducting the competitive bidding process and procuring any necessary professional services.
    (B)     The department shall conduct a thorough evaluation of all bids received through the competitive bidding process. At the conclusion of its evaluation of the bids, the department shall make a recommendation regarding the bid that the department considers to be in the best interest of the State and its taxpayers.
    (C)     The department shall present to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the Chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee its full evaluation of each bid and its recommendation for a proposed purchaser, justifications for its recommendation, a proposed contract to execute the sale, and any supporting documents. The Senate Finance Committee and the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee shall each meet as soon as practicable to review and make a recommendation regarding the proposed sale. Upon receipt of the recommendation from their respective committees, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall convene their respective bodies to consider any legislation concerning the sale.
    (D)     The department must execute any documents necessary in order to effectuate the sale upon the enactment of a joint resolution approving the sale. The net proceeds of the sale shall be deposited in the General Fund to reimburse the State for costs incurred for the development of the terminal as of the date of the sale.
    (E)     The State Ports Authority is directed to provide any and all resources necessary to conduct the competitive bidding process and evaluation of the bids received./

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend sections, totals and title to conform.