View Amendment Current Amendment: 4000C023.RT.SA19.DOCX to Bill 4000     Senator CLIMER proposes the following amendment (\4000C023.RT.SA19.DOCX):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 117, GENERAL PROVISIONS, page 529, after line 15, by adding an appropriately numbered new proviso to read:
/     (GP: State Aid to Classrooms Additional Funding)         (A)     Notwithstanding any amounts appropriated in Part 1A, the general funds appropriated to the following agencies are reduced by the following amounts:
    H870-State Library                                             $448,739
    H910-Arts Commission                                         $316,884
    B040-Judicial Department                                 $1,775,765
    N200-Law Enforcement Training Council                 $445,086
    N080-Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services         $1,013,676
    H170-Coastal Carolina University                     $481,687
    H210-Lander University                                     $186,493
    J040-Department of Health and Environmental Control             $2,000,000
    J160-Department of Disabilities and Special Needs                 $2,068,690
    L240-Commission for the Blind                         $73,742
    P120-Forestry Commission                                 $649,454
    P200-Clemson University PSA                             $533,260
    240-Department of Natural Resources                 $296,199
    P280-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism             $645,586
    P400-Conservation Bank                                     $366,612
    E200-Attorney General                                         $536,026
    D050-Governor's Office Executive Control of State                 $245,839
    D500-Department of Administration                 $2,000,000
    E240-Adjutant Genera                                         $804,658
    L460-Commission on Minority Affairs                 $74,504
    (B)     From the reductions above, in addition to the funds appropriated in Proviso 1.3 for State Aid to Classrooms, there is appropriated an additional amount sufficient to provide an extra fifteen dollars of state funds to each student./

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend sections, totals and title to conform.