View Amendment Current Amendment: 64 to Bill 419

Senator SETZLER proposed the following amendment (WAB\419C256.SM.WAB20):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 18. A., Section 59-155-160(B)(5), page 26, by deleting item (5) and inserting:

/ (5)(a) Each school district superintendent shall annually submit a report including the following information at the school and the district level, for the academic year just completed, to its district board and to the department:

(i) the total number of retention exemptions granted pursuant to this section;

(ii) the number of appeals made and the number of appeals granted pursuant to this section;

(iii) the academic outcome of students pursuant to subsubitems (i) and (ii), including, but not limited to, state English/language arts summative assessment results in grades four through eight; and

(iv) the information in subsubitems (i) through (iii) for the current academic year and the two immediately preceding academic years.

(b) The annual reports required in subitem (a) must be posted in prominent locations on the internet websites of the State Department of Education and the respective school districts./