View Amendment Current Amendment: 70 to Bill 419

Senator FANNING proposed the following amendment (WAB\419C143.SM.WAB20):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Section 59-29-250(B), as contained in SECTION 3.A., by deleting the subsection and inserting:

/ (B)Upon full funding of the state 's Education Finance Act Base Student Cost funding formula, public high school and public charter high school must offer at least one computer science course that:

(1) is rigorous and standards -based;

(2) meets or exceeds the curriculum standards and requirements established by the State Board of Education;

(3) meets the needs of the diverse students who will pursue postsecondary education or who will enter careers in computer and information technology upon graduation; and

(4) is made available in a traditional classroom setting, dual enrollment course, blended learning environment, online -based format, or other technology-based format tailored to meet the needs of each participating student./