View Amendment Current Amendment: 1a to Bill 3707

Reps. G.M. SMITH, SIMRILL, and RUTHERFORD propose the following Amendment No. 1a to H. 3707 (COUNCIL\DG\3707C007.NBD.DG21):

Reference is to Printer's Date 2/9/21-S.

Amend the joint resolution, as and if amended, by striking SECTION 5 and inserting:

/ SECTION5. A. (A) Beginning fourteen days after the effective date of this joint resolution, all first dose vaccines received by the state which have not already been set for distribution must be allocated to the four DHEC public health regions in a per-capita manner with considerations taken into account for factors including, but not limited, to poverty level, infection rates, age, and high-risk populations. From the funds appropriated in this act or from other COVID-19 related appropriations, MUSC shall coordinate with DHEC and partner with local healthcare providers to ensure that gaps in statewide vaccination delivery are covered, with priority given to rural and underserved areas.

(B) DHEC shall allocate first dose vaccines so that they are distributed in a manner that ensures that each of its four public health regions shall receive a per-capita allocation, as described in subsection (A). In making allocations to specific vaccine providers, DHEC shall consider the recommendations of its COVID-19 Vaccine Regional Advisory Panels, one of which shall be established in each of the four public health regions as follows:

(1) The Director of DHEC shall appoint the following to each panel:

(a) one member representing a rural hospital designated by the South Carolina Hospital Association;

(b) one member representing an urban hospital designated by the South Carolina Hospital Association;

(c) one member designated by the South Carolina Medical Association;

(d) one member designed by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health;

(e) one member designated by the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association;

(f) one member designated by the South Carolina Pharmacy Association;

(g) one member designated by the South Carolina Retail Association;

(h) one member from the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina;

( i) one nonvoting member designated by DHEC; and

(j) one nonvoting member designated by MUSC.

Within five days of the effective date of this joint resolution, the designating organizations shall submit the names of recommended designees to DHEC.

(2) Each panel shall meet weekly initally, but this frequency may be reduced by the chairman of the panel with DHEC's consent.

(3) At its first meeting, each panel shall select a chairman from among its members, who shall preside over the panel's meetings. This chairman must have extensive healthcare experience within the panel's designated region. In the event of a future vacancy, the chair shall be filled in this same manner.

(4) Based upon the region's vaccine allocation provided by the department, the panel shall adopt a specific recommendation for allocating first dose vaccines to providers and review the plan at subsequent meetings. This recommendation must be transmitted to DHEC, on a form created by the department, immediately upon initial adoption and upon subsequent revision and must be based upon the following priorities:

(a) Rural and underserved communities must have equitable access to receive the COVID-19 vaccine;

(b) Available vaccines must be administered to South Carolinians as rapidly as possible, to ensure that no doses are permitted to expire, and to position South Carolina favorably in the event that any future federal allocations to states may be based in part upon a state's ability to expeditiously administer the vaccine;

(c) Each panel must consider which providers are best equipped to handle specific manufacturers' forms of the vaccine, such as those requiring ultra-cold storage; and

(d) Panels' recommendations must be informed by their review of the most current and comprehensive data available as to how vaccines have already been administered within their regions, including how the vaccination rate varies by geography, race, age, income, or other relevant factors.

(C) Notwithstanding any other provision of this joint resolution, DHEC may retain up to five percent of each weekly dose allocation in inventory to maximize its ability to quickly and efficiently respond to changes in need throughout the week.

B. This SECTION terminates and is no longer effective when the Director of the Department of Health and Environmental Control determines that the demands for the vaccine no longer exceed the supply of the vaccine. /

Amend the joint resolution further, SECTION 1, by deleting subsection (F).