View Amendment Current Amendment: 2 to Bill 5183

Rep. GOVAN proposes the following Amendment No. to H. 5183 (COUNCIL\WAB\5183C011.RT.WAB22):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by SECTION 2, by striking Section 59-29-630 and inserting:

/(A) The department shall create a complaint form, which LEAs shall prominently post on their website, for use when an individual files a complaint alleging violations of Section 59-29-620. At a minimum, the department must ensure the complaint form includes:

(1) the name and contact information of the complainant;

(2) the name of the school in which the alleged violation took place;

(3) a brief description of the prohibited concept at issue;

(4) a brief statement on why the concept at issue is a prohibited concept;

(5) the name of the individual alleged to have included or promoted the prohibited concept;

(6) the name of the individual who may have knowledge of the allegations;

(7) a list of documentation or materials supporting the complainant's allegations, including copies of such documentation where possible;

(8) the approximate date on which the prohibited concept was included or promoted; and

(9) location, either physical or virtual, of the printed or electronically available material.

(B) To ensure that the investigatory process is fair, transparent, and affords teachers due process rights, the investigative protocol must ensure the teacher receives:

(1) a hearing;

(2) the right to legal counsel; and

(3) the right to question witnesses. /