View Amendment Current Amendment: 34 to Bill 3594

Senator Massey proposes the following amendment (SJ-3594.BM0153S):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 3, by striking Section 16-23-20(3) and (4) and inserting:

(3) polling place on election days;
(4) office of or business meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special purpose district;

Amend the bill further, SECTION 3, by striking Section 16-23-20(8), (9), (10), and (11) and inserting:

(8) church or other established religious sanctuary unless express permission is given by the appropriate church official or governing body;
(9) hospital, medical clinic, doctor's office, or any other facility where medical services or procedures are performed, unless expressly authorized by the appropriate entity;
(10) residence or dwelling place of another person without the express permission of the owner or person in legal control or possession of the residence or dwelling place, as appropriate; or
(11) place clearly marked with a sign prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon on the premises pursuant to Section 23-31-235. A person who violates a provision of this item, whether the violation is willful or not, may only be charged with a violation of Section 16-11-620 and must not be charged with or penalized for a violation of this subsection.
(B) The provisions of subsection (A) do not apply to:

Amend the bill further, SECTION 3, by striking Section 16-23-20(4), (5), and (6) and inserting:

(4) subject to the limitations of Section 23-31-600(D), persons who meet the definition of "qualified retired law enforcement officer" contained in Section 23-31-600; or
(5) a person carrying as authorized by Section 23-31-240.

(C) Nothing contained in this section may be construed to alter or affect the provisions of Sections 10-11-320, 16-23-30, 16-23-420, 16-23-430, 16-23-465, 44-23-1080, 44-52-165, and 51-3-145, or the ability for a person to obtain a concealed weapon permit as provided for in Section 23-31-215.
 (D) Notwithstanding any provision in this section, a person who is not otherwise prohibited by law from carrying a firearm may lawfully store a firearm anywhere in a vehicle whether occupied or unoccupied.