View Amendment Current Amendment: 45 to Bill 4289

Rep. J. L. Johnson proposes the following amendment (LC-4289.WAB0093H):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 1, by striking Section 59-101-680(B) and inserting:

 (B) When determining admissions or employment decisions, a public institution of higher learning may not expend any funds appropriated or authorized to promise admission, benefits, or promote or engage in differential treatment to an applicant for admission, or hire or promote a faculty member or employee, on the applicant's or faculty member's or employee's commitment to or making a declaration of personal support for or disagreement with any political ideology or movement, including a promise or statement regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, or other associated political issues. A public institution of higher learning may not ask for or demand any such political promise or declaration from an applicant, or a faculty member or employee. Public institutions of higher learning may reject candidates who voluntarily declare adherence to fascist ideology.