View Amendment Current Amendment: 2a to Bill 5101

Rep. Bannister proposes the following amendment (LC-5101.DG0013H):

Amend the joint resolution, as and if amended, by striking SECTION 1 and inserting:

SECTION X.  In accordance with the provisions of Section 36(B)(2) and (3), Article III, Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, and Section 11-11-320(C) and (D) of the S. C. Code, there is appropriated from the monies available in the Capital Reserve Fund for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 the following amounts:
 (1) H630 Department of Education
  (a) School Safety Mapping         $5,000,000
  (b) School Facilities Safety Upgrades       $20,000,000
 (2) H670 Educational Television Commission 
  Microwave and Transmitter Upgrades Phase I      $5,000,000
 (3) H640 Governor's School for Arts and Humanities 
  Residence Hall Renovation and Upgrades Phase II      $5,000,000
 (4) H090 Citadel 
  (a) Engineering Building Replacement       $4,000,000
  (b) Duckett Hall Renovation        $2,000,000
  (c) Renovation of Workforce Housing       $1
 (5) H120 Clemson University
  College of Veterinary Medicine        $47,000,000
 (6) H150 University of Charleston
  Campus Expansion           $7,000,000
 (7) H170 Coastal Carolina
  Pedestrian Walkway          $5,000,000
 (8) H180 Francis Marion
  (a) Leatherman Science Facility/McNair Science Building Renovation  $5,000,000
  (b) Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Clinic      $1,000,000
 (9) H210 Lander 
  Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $5,000,000
 (10) H240 South Carolina State University
  Replacement of the Whittaker Library       $5,000,000
 (11) H270 USC Columbia
  Health Sciences Campus         $47,000,000
 (12) H290 USC Aiken
  (a) Nursing/Health Sciences Building Expansion      $2,500,000
  (b) Pacer Collaborative Research Center       $2,000,000
  (c) Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement     $1,500,000
  (d) Athletic Facilities Relocation        $1
 (13) H340 USC Upstate
  (a) School of Nursing Building        $5,000,000
  (b) Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement     $1
 (14) H360 USC Beaufort
  New Convocation Center         $11,500,000
 (15) H370 USC Lancaster
  Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $1,100,000
 (16) H380 USC Salkehatchie 
  Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $412,000
 (17) H390 USC Sumter 
  (a) Student Success Center         $6,400,000
  (b) Facilities Management Center        $2,850,000
  (c) Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement     $3,000,000
 (18) H400 USC Union
  Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $413,000
 (19) H470 Winthrop 
  Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $5,000,000
 (20) H510 Medical University of South Carolina 
  College of Medicine Academic Building        $22,000,000
 (21) H590 Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education 
  (a) Aiken Technical College 
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $1,500,000
  (b) Central Carolina Technical College
   (i)  Sumter Campus Advanced Manufacturing Training Center   $2,300,000
   (ii) Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $1
  (c) Denmark Technical College
   (i)  Renovation of Barnwell Site at Ellington Road     $2,000,000
   (ii) Renovation of Industrial Tech Buildings      $400,000
  (d) Florence Darlington Technical College
   (i)  Industrial Trades Training Facility       $2,200,000
   (ii) Darlington County Campus         $1
  (e) Greenville Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $4,500,000
  (f) Horry Georgetown Technical College
   (i)  Renovation of Grand Strand Building       $2,300,000
   (ii) Health Professions Training Complex      $1
  (g) Midlands Technical College
   QuickJobs and Dual Enrollment        $6,500,000
  (h) Northeastern Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $300,000
  (i)  Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $2,361,096
  (j)  Piedmont Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $2,300,000
  (k) Spartanburg Community College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $1
  (l)  Technical College of the Lowcountry
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $1,300,000
  (m) Tri County Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement       $500,000
  (n) Trident Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $2,300,000
  (o) Williamsburg Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement      $500,000
  (p) York Technical College
   Maintenance, Renovation, and Replacement       $2,300,000
 (22) J120 Department of Mental Health
  Stone VA Nursing Home         $5,000,000
 (23) H790 Department of Archives and History
  Exhibit Hall and Meeting Space Expansion       $1,000,000
 (24) P210 SC State University Public Service Activities
  Construction of the South Carolina Limnology Research Center   $2,000,000
 (25) P320 Department of Commerce
  SC Nexus               $5,000,000
 (26) Y140 State Ports Authority
  North Charleston Economic Development Land Acquisition     $55,000,000
 (27) D300 Office of Resilience
  Disaster Relief and Resilience Reserve Fund      $4,000,000
 (28) P240 Department of Natural Resources
  Waterfowl Impoundments Infrastructure Maintenance     $1,200,000
 (29) P400 Conservation Bank 
  (a) Conservation Grant Funding        $6,000,000
  (b) Working Ag Lands Grant Funding       $1,000,000
 (30) N040 Department of Corrections
  (a) Cell Phone Interdiction         $1
  (b) Security and Maintenance Funds       $4,500,000
 (31) R400 Department of Motor Vehicles
  SCDMV IT System Modernization       $2,350,779
 (32) A170 Legislative Services Agency
  Network Infrastructure         $753,766
 (33) D500 Department of Administration
  Healthcare Campus Relocation        $14,511,113
 (34) E240 Adjutant General
  (a) SCEMD State EOC Expansion       $1
  (b) Armory Revitalization          $3,300,000
 (35) E260 Department of Veterans' Affairs
  (a) Veteran Homes Capital Improvements      $20,000,000
  (b) MJ "Dolly" Cooper State Veterans' Cemetery Committal Shelter II  $1,280,000
  (c) Military Enhancement Fund        $2,000,000
  (d) Veteran Trust Fund          $1,000,000