South Carolina Legislature

Governor's Executive Orders


Orders by Governor Henry McMaster

2019-1 Appointing Edward Ivy Crosby, Jr. to Dorchester County Council
2019-2 Lowering Flags for Moffatt Burriss
2019-3 Waiving Transportation Regulations Due to NC Winter Weather
2019-4 Ordering New Election for Pickens County School Board District 7
2019-5 Granting Employees Pay
2019-6 Appointing Spartanburg County Clerk of Court
2019-7 Lowering Flags for Rudolph Mitchell, February 1, 2019
2019-8 Lowering Flags for Irene Rudnick
2019-9 Removing Richland County Election Commission
2019-10 Lowering Flags for Former Senator Billy Coleman
2019-11 Ordering Special Election for Town of Silverstreet
2019-12 Appointing Aiken Cty. Coroner
2019-13 Granting Employees Pay
2019-14 Lowering Flags for Fritz Hollings
2019-15 Suspending Appointing Florence Cty. Sheriff
2019-16 Suspending Appointing Chester Cty. Sheriff
2019-17 Granting Leave with Pay Due to Severe Storms
2019-18 Lowering Flags for Rep. Ronnie Young
2019-19 Emergency Operations Plan
2019-20 Suspending Mayor of Dillon
2019-21 FOIA Compliance
2019-22 2020 Census Complete Count Committee
2019-23 Horry-Georgetown Annexation Election
2019-24 Appointing Angela C. Topper to serve as Hampton County Coroner
2019-25 Suspending Transportation-Related Regulations in Connection with Hurricane Dorian
2019-26 Declaring a state of emergency for Hurricane Dorian
2019-27 Mandatory Medical Evacuation Due to Hurricane Dorian
2019-28 Hurricane Dorian Evacuation Order
2019-29 Closure of State Government Offices and Public Schools in the Following Counties: Beaufort, Jasper, Colleton, Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, Georgetown, and Horry
2019-30 Rescinding Evacuations & Closures for Beaufort, Jasper, & Colleton Counties
2019-31 Rescinding Remaining Evacuation Orders & Closures Due to Hurricane Dorian
2019-32 Lowering Flags for Dr. Clyburn
2019-33 Lowering Flags for Sheriff Cribb
2019-34 Granting Leave with Pay Due to Hurricane Dorian.
2019-35 Lex. Cty. Fire Engineer Quattlebaum
2019-36 Declaring Vacancy in Office of Greenville Cty. Sheriff

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