South Carolina General Assembly
109th Session, 1991-1992

Bill 4067

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Introducing Body:               House
Bill Number:                    4067
Primary Sponsor:                Harvin
Type of Legislation:            CR
Subject:                        University of South
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:   Jan 15, 1992
Computer Document Number:       BBM/9520.BD
Introduced Date:                Jan 14, 1992
Last History Body:              House
Last History Date:              Jan 15, 1992
Last History Type:              Received from Senate
Scope of Legislation:           Statewide
All Sponsors:                   Harvin
                                G. Brown
Type of Legislation:            Concurrent


 Bill  Body    Date          Action Description              CMN
 ----  ------  ------------  ------------------------------  ---
 4067  House   Jan 15, 1992  Received from Senate
 4067  Senate  Jan 15, 1992  Introduced, adopted, returned
                             with concurrence
 4067  House   Jan 14, 1992  Introduced, adopted, sent to

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Whereas, the University of South Carolina at Sumter, one of nine campuses in the University of South Carolina System, was established twenty-five years ago to provide higher education and intellectual leadership for the Sumter area. Enrollment has grown steadily since the fall of 1966, and today it serves approximately 1,500 undergraduate students during an academic year; and

Whereas, its faculty is dedicated to excellence in teaching, public service, research and creative endeavor. USC-Sumter offers a varied curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and aimed at preparing students to continue their education in the university and throughout life. The University strives to provide an opportunity to any student who is capable of benefitting from a college education and who shows promise of successfully completing that education; and

Whereas, the University of South Carolina at Sumter encourages higher education in Sumter and adjacent counties and provides the first two years of a university education and other courses. The design of the early institution incorporated a flexibility that has allowed changes in institutional capability with increasing educational demand of constituents; and

Whereas, the institution offers a program of courses that will allow students to study toward a baccalaureate degree and a coordinated program of graduate studies at the master's degree level in selected areas. Noncredit courses, seminars, and workshops are available to the community for cultural enrichment and for professional development; and

Whereas, in 1965 the General Assembly enacted legislation creating the Sumter County Commission for Higher Education for the purpose of encouraging higher learning in Sumter and surrounding counties. A local bond issue was passed, and with federal assistance four buildings capable of accommodating as many as 600 students were erected on a thirty-five-acre tract that was formerly part of the original Sumter Airport. With increasing enrollment came the need for additional facilities, and in December 1975 the Student Union Building was opened; in 1979 five prefab buildings were acquired; in the fall of 1985 the Schwartz Building was opened; and in the spring of 1986 the Nettles Building was completed, followed in 1990 by the completion of extensive renovations to the original administration building; and

Whereas, responding to the growing interest in the community to have evening courses for individuals who could not attend daytime classes, USC at Sumter inaugurated a highly successful evening program in the fall of 1978. A similar program of courses is offered for military personnel at the Shaw Air Force Base Campus; and

Whereas, the Sumter Campus began offering graduate courses through the Graduate Regional Studies Program of the University of South Carolina during the early 1970's. Each semester USC-Sumter serves five to six hundred students who are pursuing master's degrees in education, engineering or business administration. Additionally, hundreds of individuals are served annually by professional development programs and other offerings presented through the Continuing Education Division; and

Whereas, the members of the General Assembly wish to express its appreciation to all who have supported this institution through its twenty-five years of service and recognize the current members of the Sumter County Commission for Higher Education: Mr. J. C. Anderson, Jr., Chief Executive Officer; Mrs. John S. Wilson, Chairperson; Mr. Austin E. Floyd; Sister Roberta Fulton; Mr. James Kershaw; Mr. R. J. "Chick" Mathis; Mr. John E. Miles; Dr. Andrena E. Ray; Mr. James F. White; and Mr. Jordan D. White. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the members of the General Assembly, by this resolution, recognize the University of South Carolina at Sumter upon completing its twenty-fifth year as a State institution of higher education.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Mr. J. C. Anderson, Jr.