South Carolina General Assembly
110th Session, 1993-1994

Bill 1400

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Introducing Body:               Senate
Bill Number:                    1400
Primary Sponsor:                Mitchell
Type of Legislation:            CR
Subject:                        Greenville Transit Authority
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:   19940504    
Computer Document Number:       DKA/3403DW.94
Introduced Date:                19940503    
Last History Body:              Senate
Last History Date:              19940504    
Last History Type:              Received from House
Scope of Legislation:           Statewide
All Sponsors:                   Mitchell
Type of Legislation:            Concurrent


Bill  Body    Date          Action Description              CMN  Leg Involved
____  ______  ____________  ______________________________  ___  ____________

1400  Senate  19940504      Received from House
1400  House   19940504      Introduced, adopted, returned
                            with concurrence
1400  Senate  19940503      Introduced, adopted, sent to

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Whereas, since 1975, the Greenville Transit Authority has provided public transportation services to the residents of Greenville County, including fixed route bus service, demand response services for the elderly and disabled, and vanpool services for workers; and

Whereas, seventy percent of GTA riders depend on these services as their only means to travel to employment each day; and

Whereas, ridership on all Greenville Transit Authority services has grown by twelve percent in the last two years, to where GTA carries over 1.1 million passengers on all of its services annually; and

Whereas, the Greenville Transit Authority runs the most successful vanpool program in the State of South Carolina, with twelve vanpool groups bringing over 120 people to work each day; and

Whereas, Greenville Transit Authority was the first public transit system in all of the United States to offer a fully handicap-accessible vanpool program, under a special federal demonstration program; and

Whereas, Greenville Transit Authority is the first public transit system in South Carolina to test the feasibility of Compressed Natural Gas alternative fuel, through a demonstration grant from the Governor's Office on Energy Programs; and

Whereas, Greenville Transit Authority initiated the most successful "Adopt-A-Bus" bus advertising program in the State, producing $60,000 in revenues each year, and becoming a model for other transit systems; and

Whereas, Greenville Transit Authority recovers thirty-six percent of its expenses through its own operating revenues, a rate that is almost forty percent higher than the national average; and

Whereas, through all of these accomplishments, Greenville Transit Authority has set high standards of performance and accountability for all public transit systems in the State of South Carolina; and

Whereas, Greenville Transit Authority is being nominated for a national "Public Transportation System Outstanding Achievement Award" given by the American Public Transit Association. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the members of the General Assembly recognize Greenville Transit Authority as the "Outstanding Public Transit Authority" in South Carolina in 1994, and support its nomination for award to the American Public Transit Association.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Greenville Transit Authority during the national "Try Transit Week" of May 16-20, 1994.