South Carolina General Assembly
111th Session, 1995-1996

Bill 947

Indicates Matter Stricken
Indicates New Matter

                    Current Status

Bill Number:                       947
Type of Legislation:               Joint Resolution JR
Introducing Body:                  Senate
Introduced Date:                   19960109
Primary Sponsor:                   Jackson 
All Sponsors:                      Jackson, Washington
Drafted Document Number:           RES9771.DJ
Companion Bill Number:             4508
Residing Body:                     House
Current Committee:                 Education and Public Works
                                   Committee 21 HEPW
Date of Last Amendment:            19960403
Subject:                           African American History


Body    Date      Action Description                       Com     Leg Involved
______  ________  _______________________________________  _______ ____________

House   19960409  Introduced, read first time,             21 HEPW
                  referred to Committee
Senate  19960404  Read third time, sent to House
Senate  19960403  Amended, read second time, 
                  unanimous consent for third reading 
                  on Thursday, 19960404 
Senate  19960402  Committee report: Favorable with         08 SG
Senate  19960109  Introduced, read first time,             08 SG
                  referred to Committee
Senate  19951023  Prefiled, referred to Committee          08 SG

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April 3, 1996

S. 947

Introduced by SENATORS Jackson and Washington

S. Printed 4/3/96--S.

Read the first time January 9, 1996.



Amend Title To Conform

Whereas, the State of South Carolina has, as a matter of state policy, erected various monuments on the State House grounds to honor the contributions of various individuals and groups to the state's history; and

Whereas, the State has recently reaffirmed this policy by requiring all portraits, flags, banners, monuments, statues, and plaques which are removed during the current State House Renovation Project to be returned to their original locations following completion of the project; and

Whereas, not one of the monuments and memorials recognizes the contributions and efforts of an African-American individual; and

Whereas, some official symbol should be placed that recognizes the special and unique experiences and contributions of African-Americans in this State; and

Whereas, the placement of a permanent monument on the State House grounds is the most visible and efficient means of official recognition. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. There is hereby established on the grounds of the State House an African-American History Monument. The design and placement of the monument shall be determined by the commission appointed pursuant to Section 2 of this resolution. The commission shall make reasonable efforts to incorporate all eras of African-American history in the design. The monument shall be erected as soon as is reasonably possible after it is approved by the General Assembly by concurrent resolution and the State House Renovation Project is completed.

SECTION 2. (a) An African-American History Monument Commission is created to determine the design of the monument and to determine the placement of the monument on the State House grounds. The commission is empowered and directed to raise private funds and to receive gifts and grants to carry out the purpose for which it is created. By January 1, 1997, the commission shall report the proposed design of the monument to the State House Committee for its approval. After action by the committee approving the design, the State House Committee shall cause to be introduced the concurrent resolution serving as the instrument of approval as provided in Section 1 of this joint resolution. The State shall ensure proper maintenance of the monument as is done for other historical monuments on the State House grounds.

Four members must be appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, four members must be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and one member must be appointed by the Governor. Notwithstanding Section 8-13-770 of the 1976 Code, members of the General Assembly may be appointed to this commission. One of the members appointed by the President Pro Tempore must be a Senator and one of the members appointed by the Speaker must be a member of the House of Representatives.

Commission members are not entitled to receive the subsistence, mileage, and per diem otherwise provided by law for members of state boards, committees, and commissions.

(b) The commission also shall study the feasibility of establishing an African-American History Museum analogous to the Confederate Relic Room and make recommendations with respect to its findings on this subject to the State House Committee. This new museum would collect and display historical artifacts and other items reflecting African-American history in this State. A preliminary report on this study must be made to the State House Committee no later than January 1, 1997, with a final report and recommendations due as soon as practicable thereafter.

(c) The commission established pursuant to this section is dissolved on the later of the dedication of the African-American History Monument or the final report of the commission on the feasibility of establishing an African-American History Museum.

SECTION 3. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.