South Carolina General Assembly
113th Session, 1999-2000

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Bill 3699

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June 1, 1999

H. 3699

Introduced by Ways and Means Committee

S. Printed 6/1/99--S.

Read the first time March 24, 1999.




Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. The source of general fund revenues appropriated in Section 2 of this joint resolution are:

(1) Fiscal year 1998-99 projected surplus 127,484,984

(2) Unemployment compensation fund 9,566,170

(3) Excess debt service appropriated for

fiscal year 1998-99 4,651,107

Total, All sources 141,702,261

SECTION 2. The following sources are appropriated from 1998-99 surplus general fund revenues for the purpose stated to the extent that unobligated surplus revenues are available:

(1) General Reserve Fund Contribution

(3 percent FY 1997-98 Revenue) 7,721,564

(2) Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

(a) Alternative Funding Plan 7,000,000

(b) US Youth Games 25,000

(c) PRT Grants 6,900,000

(3) State Tech: Motorcycle Safety Education 100,000

(2.1) (Robert Mills Courthouse) The Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism shall provide $250,000 in state funds to match $500,000 in locally raised funds for restoring and renovating the Robert Mills Courthouse in Camden. No state funds must be provided if the locality does not match the $250,000 in state funds with local funds.

(2.2) (Williamson Park) The Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism shall provide $64,429 to match $16,107 in raised local funds to the city of Darlington for improvements to the main trail that traverses Williamson Park. No state funds must be provided if the locality does not match the $64,429 in state funds with local funds of $16,107.

(3) Employee Benefits

Annualization of FY 1997-98 Pay Plan 3,059,113

(4) Commission on Higher Education

Performance Funding 13,752,661

(5) Winthrop

Science Equipment 1,000,000

(6) Department of Health & Human Services

(a) Population Growth 2,300,000

(b) Pharmaceuticals 3,500,000

(c) Hospital Rebase 4,200,000

(d) Nursing Home Rate Adjustment 3,900,000

(e) Physician and Lab & X-ray Adjustment 1,150,000

(f) Dental Rate Adjustment 1,000,000

(g) Nursing Home Staff Ratio Adjustment 1,000,000

(h) Partners for Healthy Children (CHIP) 5,000,000

(i) Partners for Healthy Children (CHIP) Replace

Hospital Matching Funds 3,000,000

(j) Area Aging Agencies Volunteer Coordinators 300,000

(k) Residential Care Facilities

Optional Supplement 2,640,000

(l) Dental Program 3,900,000

(m) Hospital Medicaid Program 11,000,000

(n) A Child's Haven - Child Care Center 50,000

(6.1) (Children's Dental Care) The Department of Health and Human Services shall develop and implement a plan to increase patient access and participation of dental providers in caring for the needs of Medicaid-eligible children. The department shall implement a reimbursement schedule based on the 75th percentile of the current usual and customary rate schedule and on the funds appropriated to the dental program.

Five percent of the total funding must be set aside for treatment of special needs patients as defined by the department as follows:

Children with special health care needs are those who have a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition and who also require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally.

Patients meeting this criteria must be clearly identified on the Medicaid card and treatment of these patients must be at an enhanced reimbursement level.

(7) Department of Health and Environmental Control

(a) Water Quality Improvement -

Water Pollution Control 1,400,000

(b) Preventive Services for Seniors 400,000

(c) Family Health 500,000

(d) Hazardous Waste Program 300,000

(e) Osteoporosis Prevention & Education 100,000

(f) Lancaster-Kershaw Rural Health Center 200,000

(g) Sickle Cell Proviso - Prevention,

Education and Testing 900,000

(8) Department of Mental Health

(a) Sexual Violent Predator

Eval. & Treatment Program 3,241,826

(b) Juvenile Justice Lawsuit Subclass

Medicaid Match 2,000,000

(c) Crisis Stabilization. 1,800,000

(d) TLC Case Management &

Supervised Housing 700,000

(e) Nursing Program 1,450,000

(f) Family Assistance for the Elderly 450,000

(g) CMHC - Alzheimer's Family Respite &

Diagnostic Services 450,000

(h) Gateway House - Greenville 53,300

(9) Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

(a) Aging Caregivers/Residential

Crisis Response 3,074,000

(b) Crisis Prevention: Individual Family

Support Services 2,294,000

(c) Residential: Aging Caregivers 2,000,000

(10) Department of Alcohol and

Other Drug Abuse Services

(a) The Bridge - Annualization 300,000

(b) Omega Therapeutic Community 60,000

(c) Rehabilitation Services (Medicaid Match) 1,500,000

(11) Department of Social Services

(a) Increase Payment to Foster Care Parents

(by $4 per day) 1,644,618

(b) Increase Adoption Subsidy for

Special Needs Children (by $4 per day) 2,641,814

(12) Commission for the Blind

(a) Vocational Rehabilitation Field Services 30,000

(b) Computer Equipment for VR

Employment Specialist 15,191

(c) Computers 100,000

(13) Department of Agriculture

Lab Services Renovations (Year 1 of 10) 38,000

(14) Clemson - PSA

(a) Fire Ant Research and Education (Year 2 of 5) 200,000

(b) Eastern Jr. Angus Show 10,000

(15) Department of Natural Resources

(a) Wildlife Diversity 237,300

(b) Game: Operating 250,000

(c) Officer Body Armor 50,000

(d) Conservation Officers Equipment 71,500

(e) NPS Cost Share Program 414,000

(f) Water Monitoring 150,000

(g) Aquatic Weeds 400,000

(16) Department of Commerce

(a) Information Technology 150,000

(b) Tokyo Office 100,000

(c) Southeast Asia Trade Office 365,000

(d) Office Space in Capital Center 131,597

(e) Technology Council 200,000

(17) Judicial Department

Alternative Dispute Resolution Pilot Program 501,039

(18) Prosecution Coordination Commission

(a) Judicial Circuits Support Expansion 1,081,144

(b) Richland/Kershaw Drug Court Prog.

Annualization 110,506

(c) Rent, Tort Liability and Property Insurance

Increases 18,926

(19) Commission on Indigent Defense

(a) Conflict Fund Increases 500,000

(b) Operating Expenses (PCR) 340,000

(19.1) (Appellate Conflict Fund) The purpose of this fund is to provide money to pay attorneys for representing indigent defendants on appeal when the Office of Appellate Defense is unable to do so. Funds designated for appellate use in conflict cases must be administered by the Office of Indigent Defense. The Office of Appellate Defense must first determine that it is unable to provide representation. Funds appropriated must be divided into twelve equal amounts, no more than one part (or 1/12 of the total) of which may be paid out in any one month period except as designated below. However, funds designated for a particular month's payment which are unused in that month may be carried forward into the next month and paid out in that month along with that month's funds. First priority for payment is to use these funds to pay attorney's fees in capital appeals and in capital Post Conviction Relief cases. The cases must be paid first during any one month, and if insufficient funds are available to completely satisfy any obligation payable during that month, funds may be advanced from the following month or months, to pay capital appeal fees. Once capital appeals are paid, remaining funds designated for that month may be used to pay noncapital appeals. Fees are $40 per hour for out of court work and $60 for in court work, with a maximum of $3,500 per case for noncapital appeals. Fees are $50 per hour for out of court work and $75 per hour for in court work in capital appeals with a maximum of $10,000 per capital appeal. The clerks of the Supreme Court or the court of appeals shall review and approve vouchers for payment for appellate conflict cases. The Office of Appellate Defense shall continue to provide printing and other support functions currently provided from their resources. On June thirtieth of each year, the Office of Indigent Defense shall review all outstanding obligations in this fund. Any unspent and unobligated money must be used to pay outstanding vouchers in the Death Penalty Trial Fund or the Conflict Fund, provided the designated fund has become exhausted during the year.

(20) Department of Corrections

(a) Tax Relief 4,150,000

(b) Operating Funds for Four 256-

Bed Additions 4,074,246

(c) Medical Expenses -

Increase & HIV Treatment 2,700,000

(21) Department of Probation,

Parole, and Pardon Services

(a) Collection and Distribution of Restitution 1,000,000

(b) Offender Supervision - Furlough Program 233,892

(c) Increase Restitution Center

Beds to Requirement 40,842

(d) Offender Drug Testing 100,397

(22) Department of Juvenile Justice

(a) Funding for Smaller Decentralized Facilities 5,233,119

(b) Other Funding 1,978,916

(23) Governor's Office - SLED

Relieve Overtime Problem 1,250,000

(24) Commission on Minority Affairs

Men's Service Centers 34,609

(25) Codification of Laws & Legislative Council

Rent 65,000

(26) Department of Archives and History

Microfilming of Historic County Records 100,000

(27) Legislative Information Systems

House of Representatives Repair/Refurbishing &

Licensing 100,000

(27.1) (House of Representatives Repair/Refurbishing & Licenses) The funds appropriated to Legislative Information Systems, must be used only for the purpose of repair, spare parts, refurbishing, or replacement of components of the voting, sound, or video projection systems and license increases for the House of Representatives. Any unexpended funds in this category may be carried forward and used for the same purpose.

(28) Governor's Office - OEPP

(a) Governor's School at College of Charleston 100,000

(b) Protection & Advocacy for

People w/Disabilities 125,400

(c) Veteran Affairs - Korean War Memorial 200,000

(29) Secretary of State

Information Technology 600,000

(30) Adjutant General

(a) Emergency Preparedness State Match 451,260

(b) Armory Operations 500,000

(c) State Guard Equipment & Training 116,580

(d) National Guard Retirement Fund 585,907

(31) Election Commission

Poll Manager Increase $35/day to $45/day 683,760

(31.1) (Poll Managers Increase) Managers and clerks of state and county elections shall receive a per diem of $45.00; but managers must not be paid for more than two days for any election and clerks for not more than three days for any election. The commission may adjust the per diem of $45 for the managers and clerks of the statewide election to a higher level only to the extent that the appropriation for the statewide election is sufficient to bear the added cost of increasing the per diem and the cost of the statewide election.

(32) Budget & Control Board

(a) Division of Executive Director

Statewide Performance Audit 300,000

(b) Division of Budget and Analyses

(1) Confederate Relic Room - Rent Increase 208,518

(2) Geodetic Survey - State Ortho Mapping 100,000

(3) Geodetic Survey - State Boundary Program 100,000

(c) Division of Regional Development

Salkehatchie Leadership Center 125,000

(32.1) (State Boundary Program) The funds appropriated in this item for State Boundary Mapping may not be used for county boundary determination. The funds must be used only for the State Boundary resolution between South and North Carolina.

(33) Department of Revenue

Electronic Document Processing System 1,000,000

Total Supplemental Appropriation 141,679,545

SECTION 3. The appropriations in Section 2 of this joint resolution are listed in priority order beginning with item (1) and each separate appropriation item or subitem must be fully funded before the next item or subitem in order is paid. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this joint resolution may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

SECTION 4. Except as otherwise stated, this joint resolution takes effect upon approval by the Governor, but no appropriation in Section 2 may be paid until thirty days after the Comptroller General closes the state's books on fiscal year 1998-99, and these appropriations are not available to agencies before September 1, 1999. Appropriations contained in this joint resolution must be posted in fiscal year 1999-2000.


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