South Carolina General Assembly
115th Session, 2003-2004

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Bill 1100

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April 13, 2004

S. 1100

Introduced by Senator Drummond

L. Printed 4/13/04--H.

Read the first time April 13, 2004.




Whereas, Mr. G. Frank Russell was born in Laurens to the late Mr. and Mrs. George Russell; and

Whereas, a successful athlete and letterman in football, basketball, and baseball, Mr. Russell is a graduate of Laurens High School and was the first Laurens High School football player to be selected to play in the Shrine Bowl and the North-South Game. As a tribute to his athletic achievement, Mr. Russell was inducted into the Laurens High School Football Hall of Fame in May of 2003; and

Whereas, Mr. Russell received a football scholarship to Furman University where he played for four years and graduated in 1953 with a degree in Physical Education. Mr. Russell furthered his education at Vanderbilt and Peabody Universities where he received a Masters degree in School Administration; and

Whereas, Mr. Russell attended the United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders' Class for three summers and served as a United States Marine from 1953 until 1955; and

Whereas, with a passion for shaping future generations of South Carolinians, Mr. Russell taught and coached in Greenwood School District No. 50 for ten years until 1965 when he became the director of the Distributive Education and Diversified Occupations programs at Greenwood High School; and

Whereas, in 1968, facilitated by Senator John Drummond, the Greenwood County Vocational Facility opened with Mr. Russell as the director. The new school began offering vocational and career training for the juniors and seniors from Greenwood, Ninety Six, and Ware Shoals High Schools; and

Whereas, the school, which later changed its name to the Greenwood County Career Center, has been recognized for its outstanding Auto Mechanics Program and is the only vocational school in South Carolina to have ever won a national award; and

Whereas, in 1952, Mr. Russell married the former Mamsie Harris of Greenwood, and they have two sons, Jimmy and Ronnie, who both live in Georgia; and

Whereas, as an active member of the South Main Street Baptist Church, Mr. Russell is a former Deacon and Director of the Senior High Sunday School Department; and

Whereas, it is appropriate that the General Assembly recognize such an outstanding South Carolinian as Mr. G. Frank Russell for his worthy contributions in the field of education and rename the Greenwood County Career Center the G. Frank Russell Career Center in his honor. Now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION    1.    Act 1147 of 1968, as last amended by Act 473 of 1998, is further amended to read:

"Section 1.    The Greenwood County G. Frank Russell Career Center shall must be operated and supervised by the Board of Trustees of Greenwood County School District No. 50.

Section 2.    Operations of the center shall must be primarily financed primarily by funds allotted to the center from state and federal sources; however, Greenwood County shall have overall responsibility for financing the operation and maintenance of the center, and the annual budget for such to must be recommended by the trustees of School District No. 50 after consultation with the trustees of the other two districts. The budget shall must be reviewed by the appropriating authority and such appropriations for the purposes shall be made as it deems considers advisable.

Section 3.    There is hereby created a committee of seven members to advise and assist the board of trustees in establishing policies concerning admissions and operations of the Greenwood County G. Frank Russell Career Center. The committee shall must be a continuing body and shall include in its membership the superintendent of each of the three school districts of the county, one representative to be designated by the county board of education and one representative from each of the three districts to be designated by the respective boards of trustees.

The terms of the members shall be are for two years commencing May 1, 1968, except the three superintendents shall serve ex officio. Vacancies shall must be filled in the manner of the original appointment for the unexpired portion of the term only.

The committee shall elect its chairman and establish times for meetings."

SECTION    2.    This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.


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