South Carolina General Assembly
116th Session, 2005-2006

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H. 5230


Concurrent Resolution
Sponsors: Rep. Parks
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Introduced in the House on May 24, 2006
Introduced in the Senate on May 24, 2006
Adopted by the General Assembly on May 24, 2006

Summary: Baptist Congress of Christian Education


     Date      Body   Action Description with journal page number
   5/24/2006  House   Introduced, adopted, sent to Senate HJ-46
   5/24/2006  Senate  Introduced, adopted, returned with concurrence SJ-13

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Whereas, it is appropriate for the South Carolina General Assembly to recognize religious organizations in this State which have served as the foundation of faith for so many of the State's citizens for a century, and the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education is certainly worthy of this special recognition; and

Whereas, the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education got its start during the twenty-eighth annual session of the Baptist State Convention in 1905 when area pastors began discussing the need for a better, more efficient way to promote Sunday School work among young people; and

Whereas, the issue was again discussed the following year, and leaders came before the convention determined to separate from the parent body. Two months later, the independent body met for the first time at Macedonia Baptist Church in Greenwood on July 18, 1906, holding the first annual State Sunday School Convention; and

Whereas, the new auxiliary greatly benefited newly freed black South Carolinians in its early years, as minister missionaries traveled from county to county preaching and teaching former slaves and guiding them to worship and to develop their own Christian relationships; and

Whereas, the State Sunday School Convention changed its name under the presidency of Dr. C. O. Jackson in the mid 1970's to the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education; and

Whereas, through its one hundred years in existence, the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education has been blessed with talented and dedicated leaders who have instilled great vision and growth in the organization; and

Whereas, Rev. H. M. Moore was instrumental in organizing and implementing the inception of the State Congress of Christian Education. After Rev. Moore, the next known presidents were Dr. J. C. Dunbar of Charleston, Dr. B. T. Sears served from 1958-1962, and Dr. J. O. Rich served from 1962-1966; and

Whereas, Dr. L. W. Long of Union County, a physician, is credited with implementing the paving of Morris College and funding it; Dr. Rufus Daniels served from 1970-1974, and Dr. C. O. Jackson served from 1974-1978. He increased the course of study, introduced the "Writer's Conference", completed the paving project at Morris College, and gave birth to the "C. O. Jackson Oratorial Contest"; and

Whereas, Dr. Ralph Canty served from 1978-1982 and during his tenure, the Congress was structured into divisions and the Minister's Division was created. During his last year as president, the Congress met at Mount Moriah Baptist Church as a pilot program to determine the feasibility of an alternative to college campus sessions. In addition, the funds were secured through a Cooperative Christianity Partnership to underwrite the operations of the Office of Christian Education; and

Whereas, Dr. Charles B. Jackson, the youngest to serve at the age of twenty-nine, served from 1982-1986 and during his first year, the Christian Education Director's position was authorized; and

Whereas, traditionally, the Congress held its annual sessions on the campuses of Morris, Benedict, and Friendship Junior Colleges on a rotating basis. However, during the presidency of Dr. John H. Corbitt, who served from 1986-1990, the Congress expanded to include off-campus sites. Since 1987, sessions have been hosted statewide; and

Whereas, also under Dr. Corbitt's leadership, the Youth Rally, the Congress Youth Choir, the Children's Rally, and the Commencement Service were all started; and

Whereas, Dr. J. W. Henderson of Greenville served from 1990-1995, and he started the Congress Scholarship Fund and there was tremendous growth in participation during these years; and

Whereas, the next president was Dr. B. D. Snoddy who had previously served as Dean for four years. Dr. Snoddy instituted a Faculty Retreat during his service as dean in an effort to strengthen the faculty through continuing education among his many other accomplishments; and

Whereas, past and present leaders and members of the organization faithfully assemble annually to determine direction and goals for the coming years, visiting area churches and educational facilities around the State, and to remind the faithful of the importance of Christian study; and

Whereas, Dr. D. L. Grant, Sr. was elected as President of the group from 2000-2005, while Dr. Hiriam Spain served as Executive Secretary and Dr. Michael Ross served as Director of Christian Education. Dr. Grant led the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education into the new millennium; and

Whereas, elected in 2005, Dr. James H. Cokley currently serves as President of the group along with Vice Presidents Reverend Bryant S. Cheek and Dr. Toney Parks. Together, these talented and dedicated Christians will lead the South Carolina Congress of Christian Education into its next century; and

Whereas, the Centennial Celebration, orchestrated by Convention President Dr. E. F. Hampton, is truly a special event as participants will travel to the convention's birthplace in Greenwood, South Carolina, to commemorate this impressive milestone the week of July 9-14, 2006, at Brewer Middle School; and

Whereas, the members of the General Assembly take great pleasure in honoring the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education for the outstanding work it has accomplished, both past and present, and wish its members all the best during their historic 2006 Convention. The members of the General Assembly wish the Congress continued success as it shapes the lives of generations of South Carolinians for the Glory of God. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the members of the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina, by this resolution, recognize the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education for its work in promoting the Christian message in South Carolina, and commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of its first meeting in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Dr. D. L. Grant, Sr., President of the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education.


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