South Carolina General Assembly
117th Session, 2007-2008

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Whereas, the members of the South Carolina General Assembly are pleased to acknowledge the contributions of Travelle Wharton to his community and express their appreciation to him for the example he brings to the young people of our State; and

Whereas, born to Glenn and Lois Wharton on May 19, 1981, this diminutive baby of five pounds, eight ounces has become one of the most formidable tackles in the National Football League; and

Whereas, Travelle Wharton possessed one of life's richest gifts in a father who taught his children that success comes only through hard work, and this middle child applied that lesson to obtain his outstanding success; and

Whereas, remembering his beginnings with recreational football leagues in Greenville's Woodside Mill Community Park, he considers himself blessed to have had early coaches who took time to teach him the true fundamentals of the game in which he would excel; and

Whereas, he always performed above his peers, and, recognizing his ability, high school varsity football coaches tried to advance him to the team as early as the eighth grade; and

Whereas, throughout high school, Travelle Wharton played both offense and defense with equal skill and was named in his senior year to the Shrine Bowl, an all-star game for the best players in North and South Carolina; and

Whereas, Travelle Wharton gave careful thought and prayer to the college football recruiting offers that poured in and chose to play in his home State at the University of South Carolina; and

Whereas, when he was on the cusp of being chosen as a starter in his freshman year, a glitch in his high school transcript necessitated his return to high school for a course in order to meet an NCAA requirement. As a result of this personal setback, he has always emphasized education first and sports second; and

Whereas, after completing the needed high school requirement, he returned to the University of South Carolina the following year as starting left tackle, during which season he allowed the only quarterback sack of his college career; and

Whereas, because he kept the perspective in college that God should be first in his life, family second, and education and football next, he successfully weathered difficult times, such as the death of his dear grandmother during football season and the later death of his father, who had always been his best friend and teacher; and

Whereas, after he had completed a degree in retail management, the Carolina Panthers drafted him as the ninety-first pick of the 2004 National Football League draft. Following two successful seasons, he suffered a season setback in the first game against Atlanta in 2006 when he tore two ligaments, but he returned to his starting position at left tackle in the 2007 season; and

Whereas, in 2007, Travelle Wharton returned the fine example set for him in his youth when he opened the Travelle Wharton Youth Football Camp, which received rave reviews throughout the Golden Strip community in the Upstate; and

Whereas, two strong supports, faith and family, undergird everything he does. A member of Rocky Creek Baptist Church, he seeks to live out his faith in service to his fellow man, beginning at home, where he enjoys being with his wife, Kashema, and his young daughter, Gabrielle; and

Whereas, it is with great pleasure that the General Assembly pauses in its deliberations to recognize such an outstanding son of South Carolina as Travelle Wharton, and the members wish him God's best in all his future endeavors. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the members of the South Carolina General Assembly, by this resolution, recognize Travelle Wharton as role model and hero to the Greenville community and beyond, and commend him for his philanthropy among the youth of South Carolina.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Travelle Wharton.


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