South Carolina General Assembly
118th Session, 2009-2010

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H. 4125


House Resolution
Sponsors: Reps. Loftis, Agnew, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Anthony, Bales, Ballentine, Bannister, Barfield, Battle, Bedingfield, Bingham, Bowen, Bowers, Brady, Branham, Brantley, G.A. Brown, H.B. Brown, R.L. Brown, Cato, Chalk, Clemmons, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, Cole, Cooper, Crawford, Daning, Delleney, Dillard, Duncan, Edge, Erickson, Forrester, Frye, Funderburk, Gambrell, Gilliard, Govan, Gullick, Gunn, Haley, Hamilton, Hardwick, Harrell, Harrison, Hart, Harvin, Hayes, Hearn, Herbkersman, Hiott, Hodges, Horne, Hosey, Howard, Huggins, Hutto, Jefferson, Jennings, Kelly, Kennedy, King, Kirsh, Knight, Limehouse, Littlejohn, Long, Lowe, Lucas, Mack, McEachern, McLeod, Merrill, Miller, Millwood, Mitchell, D.C. Moss, V.S. Moss, Nanney, J.H. Neal, J.M. Neal, Neilson, Ott, Owens, Parker, Parks, Pinson, E.H. Pitts, M.A. Pitts, Rice, Rutherford, Sandifer, Scott, Sellers, Simrill, Skelton, D.C. Smith, G.M. Smith, G.R. Smith, J.E. Smith, J.R. Smith, Sottile, Spires, Stavrinakis, Stewart, Stringer, Thompson, Toole, Umphlett, Vick, Viers, Weeks, Whipper, White, Whitmire, Williams, Willis, Wylie, A.D. Young and T.R. Young
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Introduced in the House on June 16, 2009
Adopted by the House on June 16, 2009

Summary: James R. Starnes


     Date      Body   Action Description with journal page number
   6/16/2009  House   Introduced and adopted HJ-69

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Whereas, it is with great pleasure that the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives honor individuals who freely give of their time and resources for the good of others, especially those who need it most; and

Whereas, James R. "Jim" Starnes of Greenville County, an exemplary volunteer worker for many years in his community, has contributed untold hours of valuable service to the citizens of the Upstate and beyond and is thereby worthy of praise; and

Whereas, Jim Starnes' commitment to the service of others has been lifelong, as has his residence in Greenville, and extends to his faith, family, friends, community, and country. Long respected as a hard-working family man and committed civic leader, he has served his country in the U.S. Army and Civil Air Patrol; and

Whereas, an active member of Hampton Park Baptist Church, he serves as a Gideon and board member of State Line Motorcycle Ministries. Generous in his giving of both time and finances to help others, Jim is a longtime member of the Taylors Lions Club, where he often accepts leadership roles in the Lions' mission to raise funds and awareness for the benefit of sight conservation; and

Whereas, Jim remains ever sensitive to the needs of others within the community, as well as in areas distant from Greenville. Among his many efforts to assist and otherwise bless his fellow citizens are his work to save the historic "Chick Springs" as a park area in Taylors and his labors to raise funds for victims of the 2009 fire at Myrtle Beach; and

Whereas, because of his high integrity and reputation for fair dealing, Jim has been able to grow the business he started in 1978, the American Pawn Exchange, to four locations. His clients know, as do his family members, friends, and those he seeks to aid in the community, that his character is transparently honest and consistent wherever he goes; and

Whereas, the members of the House of Representatives recognize that the success of the State of South Carolina, the strength of its communities, and the vitality of American society as a whole depend, in great measure, upon the dedication of individuals like Jim Starnes who use their talents and resources to serve others. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, by this resolution, recognize and commend James R. "Jim" Starnes of Greenville County for his many years of outstanding community service.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Jim Starnes.


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