South Carolina General Assembly
123rd Session, 2019-2020

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H. 5602


House Resolution
Sponsors: Reps. Mack, Alexander, Allison, Anderson, Atkinson, Bailey, Bales, Ballentine, Bamberg, Bannister, Bennett, Bernstein, Blackwell, Bradley, Brawley, Brown, Bryant, Burns, Calhoon, Caskey, Chellis, Chumley, Clary, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, Cogswell, Collins, B. Cox, W. Cox, Crawford, Daning, Davis, Dillard, Elliott, Erickson, Felder, Finlay, Forrest, Forrester, Fry, Funderburk, Gagnon, Garvin, Gilliam, Gilliard, Govan, Haddon, Hardee, Hart, Hayes, Henderson-Myers, Henegan, Herbkersman, Hewitt, Hill, Hiott, Hixon, Hosey, Howard, Huggins, Hyde, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kimmons, King, Kirby, Ligon, Long, Lowe, Lucas, Mace, Magnuson, Martin, Matthews, McCravy, McDaniel, McGinnis, McKnight, Moore, Morgan, D.C. Moss, V.S. Moss, Murphy, B. Newton, W. Newton, Norrell, Oremus, Ott, Parks, Pendarvis, Pope, Ridgeway, Rivers, Robinson, Rose, Rutherford, Sandifer, Simrill, G.M. Smith, G.R. Smith, Sottile, Spires, Stavrinakis, Stringer, Tallon, Taylor, Thayer, Thigpen, Toole, Trantham, Weeks, West, Wetmore, Wheeler, White, Whitmire, R. Williams, S. Williams, Willis, Wooten and Yow
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Introduced in the House on September 22, 2020
Adopted by the House on September 22, 2020

Summary: June Brunson Willson


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   9/22/2020  House   Introduced and adopted (House Journal-page 46)

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Whereas, it is altogether fitting and proper that the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives should pause in their deliberations to commend June Brunson Willson, born in September 1945 and taken to be with her Lord on December 2, 2018, at the age of seventy-three; and

Whereas, the daughter of the late William H. and Mary Anna T. Brunson, the young June began her Christian work at an early age. In God's good time, she married Joe Willson, the Lord blessing June and Joe with a fine family of two sons, Hal and Don; and

Whereas, June Willson, affectionately called "Ms. June," served in many roles in the United Methodist Church (UMC), including positions on the staff at Bethany UMC in Summerville, Stallsville UMC in Summerville, Aldersgate UMC in Greenville, and North Charleston UMC; and

Whereas, she served as youth coordinator for the Conference Council on Ministries from 1980 to 1993, when she became associate director for Youth and Age-Level Ministries until she retired in 2008. She served also as a congregational specialist; and

Whereas, Mrs. Willson served as lay delegate to the UMC South Carolina Conference, UMC Southeastern jurisdictional delegate, and lay delegate to the UMC General Conference, as well as the UMC National Youth Ministry Organization for more than two decades; and

Whereas, June served the Lord with gladness and influenced many people to develop and grow in their relationship with Christ and to serve Him joyfully. She was mentor, friend, second mom, pioneer, advocate, and shepherd of people, especially children, and she lovingly cajoled, encouraged, empowered, believed, and welcomed all with whom she came in contact; and

Whereas, June Willson "created holy trouble at every turn, calling the church to be better and throwing open as many doors as she could for young people around our State," declared Johannah Myers, director of Christian formation at Aldersgate UMC; and

Whereas, this servant-hearted woman drew in kids from large churches and small ones, from big cities and rural towns, and gave them all the opportunity to lead. She showed children at every turn what the church could be, what it could look like, and how we are all called to take our place at the table; and

Whereas, June Willson and her husband, Joe, did not hesitate to help out youth and young adults when they needed a hand, even to finding these young people jobs and opening up the Willson home for years at a time to refugees from war-torn countries; and

Whereas, a strong woman, June followed the admonition to "do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can"; and

Whereas, her beautiful ministry with the youth of the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church spanned four decades and touched and changed the lives of thousands of youth around the world; and

Whereas, the members of the House are proud to recognize June Willson for her service to God and community. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, by this resolution, posthumously congratulate and commend June Brunson Willson of Summerville for a lifetime of outstanding and meaningful achievements.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Joe Willson for the family.


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