South Carolina General Assembly
124th Session, 2021-2022

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S. 1047


Senate Resolution
Sponsors: Senator Setzler
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Introduced in the Senate on February 3, 2022
Adopted by the Senate on February 3, 2022

Summary: Shihan Pena


     Date      Body   Action Description with journal page number
    2/3/2022  Senate  Introduced and adopted (Senate Journal-page 4)

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Whereas, the members of the South Carolina Senate are pleased to recognize Shihan Brian Pena for his many accomplishments and congratulate him for his successes in martial arts; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena began his career in martial arts studying Yoshitsune Jujitsu in New Jersey in the early 1980s. He began competing in tournaments and competitions, traveling internationally and achieving the title of World Champion in the National Blackbelt League in 1994 and 1999; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena obtained the rank of Kudan in 2021 and began teaching the art of Zen Shotokai Karate and Kobudo in 1990. He began teaching in West Columbia in 2000. During Shihan Pena's teaching career, he has instructed thousands of students in Zen Shotokai Karate and Kobudo, promoting twenty-two students to the rank of Shodan or higher with tests of his students' minds, bodies, and spirits; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena is married to his beloved wife Allison Pena, and together, they have two daughters, Laney and Gabby. Shihan Pena's family is involved in Zen Shotokai Karate and Kobudo, with Allison attaining Godan and Laney and Gabby attaining Shodan; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena and his family have operated The Karate Dojo in West Columbia for over twenty years, creating a thriving business venture; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena has demonstrated his teaching abilities to his peers and has been awarded the coveted AKANA Pinnacle Tomoe award by Hanshi Jerry Piddington, Hanshi Danny McCall, and Hanshi Ricky Smith. This award is one of only six under Hanshi Piddington, recognizing Shihan Pena's mastery in teaching true karatedo. The award is recorded by the American Karate Academies National Association; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena has founded TCT, "The Competitor's Tour," a sport martial arts tournament circuit. Shihan Pena's hard work as the executive director of TCT has grown the circuit to regional and national recognition. TCT presents an opportunity for sport martial arts enthusiasts to grow in an environment conducive to structure and discipline; and

Whereas, Shihan Pena has worked with others in the martial arts community throughout the Carolinas to found the "Legends of Carolina Martial Arts," recognizing sixty years of icons and pioneers in martial arts education and competition. Shihan Pena has also worked with leaders in law enforcement to record the history of police agencies and sheriff's departments in South Carolina and has constructed an exhibition that is displayed in his dojo; and

Whereas, the members of the South Carolina Senate greatly appreciate the dedication and commitment that Shihan Pena has shown in serving the West Columbia community and the State of South Carolina. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate:

That the members of the South Carolina Senate, by this resolution, recognize and honor Shihan Pena for his many contributions to the West Columbia community.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Shihan Brian Pena.


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