South Carolina General Assembly
124th Session, 2021-2022

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S. 580


Concurrent Resolution
Sponsors: Senator Shealy
Document Path: l:\s-res\ks\025capi.kmm.ks.docx

Introduced in the Senate on February 17, 2021
Introduced in the House on February 18, 2021
Adopted by the General Assembly on February 18, 2021

Summary: Dr. Cynthia Plair Roddey


     Date      Body   Action Description with journal page number
   2/17/2021  Senate  Introduced, adopted, sent to House 
                        (Senate Journal-page 12)
   2/18/2021  House   Introduced, adopted, returned with concurrence 
                        (House Journal-page 57)

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Whereas, the members of the South Carolina General Assembly are pleased to recognize Capital City/Lake Murray Country upon the occasion of its fortieth anniversary on April 1, 2021; and

Whereas, Capital City/Lake Murray Country was formed on April 1, 1981. As one of the state's eleven tourism regions working in coordination with the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism, it represents Lexington, Newberry, Richland, and Saluda counties; and

Whereas, the region has worked to highlight its history and to foster opportunities for outdoor recreation, the latter of which has grown into a $1.53 billion-dollar industry in the area. Over the years, Capital City/Lake Murray Country has been featured on many television shows for these rich attractions; and

Whereas, with a broad appeal, the region has hosted countless worldwide, national, and regional fishing tournament events; a worldwide food championship; music videos and films; and conferences and meetings across various sectors and has served as a sponsor and community partner for a number of these events; and

Whereas, Capital City/Lake Murray Country is also known for its many local community events, including the Lake Murray Fourth of July Celebration, Lake Murray's Christmas Light Boat Parade, and Taste of Lake Murray, which was named a top-twenty event in the Southeast; and

Whereas, a leader in tourism marketing, Capital City/Lake Murray Country has provided an advertising value of nearly one hundred million dollars through its national media writers and national television exposure of the region. It also provides free advertising support and sponsorships to area chambers with smaller budgets; and

Whereas, since its inception, Capital City/Lake Murray Country has received numerous awards, including the Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism award, South Carolina Governor's Cup on Tourism for the Forrest Wood Cup, and South Carolina's Most Outstanding Tourism Attraction award. It has also been named Best Place to Boat & Live, Top American City for Virtual Tourism, and Go To Destination for the CMA Awards Show; and

Whereas, the members of the South Carolina General Assembly appreciate the pride, recognition, and substantial economic impact that this region brings to the State of South Carolina. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the members of the South Carolina General Assembly, by this resolution, congratulate Capital City/Lake Murray Country upon the occasion of its fortieth anniversary.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Capital City/Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board.


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