South Carolina General Assembly
125th Session, 2023-2024

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S. 805


Senate Resolution
Sponsors: Senator Hembree
Document Path: SR-0398KM-HW23.docx

Introduced in the Senate on May 11, 2023
Adopted by the Senate on May 11, 2023

Summary: Heather Levine


Date Body Action Description with journal page number
5/11/2023 Senate Introduced and adopted (Senate Journal-page 7)

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TO RECOGNIZE AND HONOR heather levine and congratulate her upon being chosen as an Extraordinary Educator by Curriculum Associates.


Whereas, the members of the South Carolina Senate are pleased to learn that Curriculum Associates has named Heather Levine to its nationwide 2023 class of Extraordinary Educators; and


Whereas, the Extraordinary Educators award recognizes educators who exhibit standout use of i-Ready online assessment and instruction and who illustrate growth and achievement via formal assessments, demonstrate innovation and engagement practices for students, are evangelists for high standards and student achievement, and have been teaching for at least two years; and


Whereas, Ms. Levine received both her Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and her Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Math from Coastal Carolina University; and


Whereas, Ms. Levine has taught middle school math at Green Sea Floyds High School for twelve years. She is the lead math teacher and has taught several mathematics classes, including sixth grade accelerated mathematics and Advanced Placement Calculus; and


Whereas, in addition to her teaching duties, Ms. Levine has also served as a sponsor for the yearbook, prom committee, and National Honor Society, and she has coached cheerleading. She is currently the sponsor for Mathcounts and the high school student council; and


Whereas, Ms. Levine aspires to help her students see the purpose of and fun in math. Ms. Levine was inspired by her own teachers and wants to help light the spark in her students the way her teachers did. She is always looking for new ways to innovate her teaching, from participating in professional development and attending relevant conferences to following other great educators on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok; and


Whereas, outside of work, Ms. Levine loves spending time with her family, friends, and her dogs Opie, Jax, and Pepe. She is an avid reader, concert attendee, and trivia night champion; and


Whereas, founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates, LLC, designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. Today, the company's programs are used in three-quarters of the state's school districts; and


Whereas, the annual program celebrates and connects exemplary teachers from around the country. This year's recipients are among thirty teachers from twenty-two states chosen for this honor; and


Whereas, Ms. Levine will have access to a network of peers across the country with whom she can collaborate and connect and from whom she can learn throughout 2023. She will also receive unique professional development opportunities from Curriculum Associates. Along with other honorees, she will be invited to participate and present at the Extraordinary Educators Leadership Summit, as well as other professional learning events throughout the year; and


Whereas, the members of the South Carolina Senate greatly appreciate the dedication and commitment that Ms. Levine has shown in serving her students and the people and the State of South Carolina.  Now, therefore,


Be it resolved by the Senate:


That the members of the South Carolina Senate, by this resolution, recognize and honor Heather Levine and congratulate her upon being chosen as an Extraordinary Educator by Curriculum Associates.


Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Heather Levine.


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