South Carolina General Assembly
125th Session, 2023-2024

Bill 1152

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TO HONOR BISHOP CEDRIC M. BOYD FOR HIS faithfulness in GOSPEL MINISTRY, to thank him for his service to his church, the community, and our state, AND TO WISH him GOD'S RICHEST BLESSINGS AS HE CONTINUES TO SERVE THE LORD.


Whereas, it is entirely appropriate to celebrate those individuals who give tirelessly of themselves to nurture the souls of men. Bishop Cedric M. Boyd stands among their number as an outstanding minister of the gospel, one much admired by colleagues, congregations, and area residents at large; and


Whereas, born on October 28, 1975, Cedric M. Boyd was the oldest of three children born to Nathaniel and Emma Boyd. His preaching lineage descends from his grandfather, Elder Lindsey Boyd, who often would take him to church and pray over him; and


Whereas, the senior pastor of Weeping Mary Baptist Church of Blair since 2017 and of Holy Site Deliverance Temple of Columbia since 2020, Bishop Boyd is founder of C.M. Boyd Ministries of Winnsboro. A prophet in his own right and a highly sought-after speaker in the body of Christ, Bishop Boyd began his spiritual walk with the Lord at an early age. He was faithful to service as a youth, but after the loss of his father, he strayed from his faith. Like the biblical prodigal son, he left but later returned home. He came with an unquenchable fire to serve faithfully as an evangelist; and


Whereas, yet God had a calling on his life to become a pastor. He would not receive his calling for many years, but he continued to evangelize near and abroad, compelling men to come to Christ; and


Whereas, Bishop Boyd was licensed as a minister in 2000 at Spiritual Way in Winnsboro, and in 2008 he was ordained as a pastor at Trumpet in Zion Fellowship, Inc. In January 2017, he was ordained and given the title of reverend by the Gethsemane Baptist Association. He was ordained as an overseer at Conquering City Fellowship, Inc., in 2020 and was consecrated as a bishop in 2023 by Archbishop Spearman of Union Fellowship, Inc. Presently, he is an executive officer of the Gethsemane Baptist Association and is attending Lutheran Theological Seminary in Columbia; and


Whereas, he functions fluently in the fivefold ministry through the Holy Spirit to the edifying of the body of Christ. His desire is to see growth in the body and lives being changed, miracles being done, souls being saved, disciples being made, minds being renewed, and, most importantly, God receiving all the glory. As God continues to elevate Bishop Boyd, his congregants look with expectancy to see God do even greater works through him; and


Whereas, in January 2011, Bishop Boyd's first book, The Church Has Lost Her Identity, was published and promoted and later that year, he appeared on WATC TV 57's Atlanta Live to discuss his book. He authored a second book, Fight For Your Identity, which was completed in September 2015. He is currently working on his third book; and


Whereas, he finds strength for his many duties in the firm support of his family: his lovely wife, Krystal M. Boyd, and their three children; and


Whereas, to recognize Bishop Boyd for his many years of service, he will be honored at a special gala, "A Scrumptious Feast for a King," on Saturday, March 23, 2024; and


Whereas, because of his many years of spiritual nourishment of the people of South Carolina, Bishop Boyd is due grateful thanks and best wishes as he continues to run the race the Lord has set before him. Now, therefore,


Be it resolved by the Senate:


That the members of the South Carolina Senate, by this resolution, honor Bishop Cedric M. Boyd for his faithfulness in gospel ministry, thank him for his service to his church, the community, and our State, and wish him God's richest blessings as he continues to serve the Lord.


Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Bishop Cedric M. Boyd.


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