South Carolina General Assembly
125th Session, 2023-2024

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January 23, 2024

H. 4849

Introduced by Reps. Calhoon, Erickson and Bradley

S. Printed 01/23/24--S.

Read the first time January 18, 2024


A concurrent RESOLUTION

To deClare July 2024 as Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month and urge citizens to be mindful of the condition and its effect on South Carolina's youth.

Whereas, juvenile arthritis, also known as pediatric rheumatic disease, is a term used to describe a group of inflammatory and rheumatic diseases that develop in children under the age of 16; and

Whereas, juvenile arthritis includes many forms of rheumatic diseases and conditions that cause inflammation, swelling, pain, and tenderness in the joints of those who suffer from it. Some types of juvenile arthritis can also affect the skin, eyes, and internal organs. Most kinds of juvenile arthritis are autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases, which means that the body's immune system releases inflammatory chemicals to attack healthy cells and tissue; and

Whereas, an estimated three hundred thousand children under 16 years of age have a form of juvenile arthritis, representing approximately one in every two hundred fifty children in the United States, many of them living in South Carolina; and

Whereas, the exact cause of juvenile arthritis is not fully understood, but researchers believe that external factors, such as viruses and bacteria, may activate certain genes which cause the condition. There is no evidence that the disease is caused by diet, toxins, or allergies; and

Whereas, juvenile arthritis has no cure, but can go into remission with early and aggressive treatment. Medication, healthy eating, and physical activity are all commons forms of treatment. Physical therapists and occupational therapists can also work with children who have juvenile arthritis to teach them exercises that will help them stay active and accomplish daily tasks. Treatment can be effective in alleviating joint pain, slowing disease progression, and helping avoid joint and organ damage; and

Whereas, the General Assembly recognizes the severity of juvenile arthritis and encourages the citizens of this great State to educate themselves on the effects and treatments of this chronic health problem. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the members of the South Carolina General Assembly, by this resolution, declare July 2024 as Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month and urge citizens to be mindful of the condition and its effect on South Carolina's youth.


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