The Gressette Building

The Gressette Building houses the offices of the Members and staff of the South Carolina Senate. It is located on the Capitol Complex. The building is named for the late L. Marion Gressette, Senator from Calhoun County.

Gressette Building

The plaque in the lobby reads:
An individual of unquestioned honor and integrity-- A leader with the courage to stand for his convictions--An energetic and persuasive statesman and orator. Blessed by a gracious God and the love and devotion of his wife and family, the Senator from Calhoun devoted a lifetime to the service of the people of South Carolina. As a member of the Senate, he strove untiringly for the advancement of a progressive state without sacrificing its traditional values.

L. Marion Gressette served in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1925-1928;1931-32. He was elected to the South Carolina Senate in 1937 and served as President Pro Tempore from 1972 until his death on March 1, 1984.