South Carolina Legislature

South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 59 - Education


Beaufort-Jasper Higher Education Commission

SECTION 59-56-10. Beaufort-Jasper Higher Education Commission; membership; terms of office; vacancies; chairman and secretary; meetings.

(A) There is created the Beaufort-Jasper Higher Education Commission. The commission is composed of nine members appointed by the Governor. Seven must be residents of Beaufort County, and two must be residents of Jasper County. The appointments for Beaufort County members must be based upon the recommendation of a majority of the members of the Beaufort County Legislative Delegation. The appointments for Jasper County members must be based upon the recommendation of a majority of the members of the Jasper County Legislative Delegation.

(B) The members of the commission serve for a term of four years or until their successors are appointed and qualified. Vacancies must be filled for the unexpired term in the manner of the original appointment. The commission shall elect a chairman and a secretary from its membership to serve for two years and organize further as it may desire.

(C) The commission may meet at times it considers necessary, the meetings to be called by the chairman or upon the written request of four of its members. A member who misses three consecutive unexcused meetings is considered to have resigned his office, and a vacancy exists.

HISTORY: 1994 Act No. 514, Section 1.

SECTION 59-56-20. Powers and duties of commission.

(A) The commission may:

(1) upon the approval of a majority of its members, enter into contracts with institutions of higher learning upon terms and conditions mutually acceptable to the commission and the institution for the establishment and operation of educational centers to be branches of the institution at Beaufort or Jasper County, or both;

(2) obligate itself for the expenditure of a sum for the purposes of this chapter in an amount not to exceed that which is appropriate by law;

(3) bind itself for the furnishing of suitable facilities and accommodations for the educational center when by written prior agreement, it has obtained permission for its furnishing from the authority, agency, or board having control of the accommodations;

(4) accept gifts appropriate to carry out this chapter;

(5) hold title to real and personal property;

(6) borrow funds and receive grants.

(B) The commission shall appoint a group of not less than five nor more than fifteen interested persons from Beaufort and Jasper Counties and the surrounding area known as the Beaufort-Jasper Higher Education Advisory Board. This board may act in an advisory capacity to the commission. Three of the persons appointed must be appointed only upon the recommendation of a majority of each of the Beaufort and Jasper Counties Legislative Delegations.

HISTORY: 1994 Act No. 514, Section 1.

SECTION 59-56-30. Annual written financial report.

The commission shall submit to the Beaufort and Jasper Counties Legislative Delegations at least once a year a written report in which it must show an accounting of all funds under control of the commission, a statement of all receipts and disbursements not previously reported, and a statement of its estimated financial needs for the ensuing year.

HISTORY: 1994 Act No. 514, Section 1.

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