Regulations Information

The information below is provided to assist you in locating and following regulations that are submitted to the General Assembly for review or that are being promulgated by state agencies.

Daily House and Senate Journals

All regulations that are submitted for General Assembly review are read across the desk in each body and are referred to the standing committee in each body having jurisdiction over the subject matter of the regulation. Daily Journals can be viewed or the year 's cumulative journals may be searched.

Senate Journals
House Journals

Regulations Pending before the General Assembly

Regulations Pending Approval by the General Assembly - Lists pending regulations.

Committee List of Regulations Submitted to the General Assembly - Lists the Committee to which regulations were referred.

State Register

The State Register is a monthly publication that contains Drafting Notices, Proposed Regulations, Emergency Regulations, and Final Regulations that have become effective, and also Executive Orders and Public Notices. The monthly State Registers from 2005 through the present are available. Also, State Registers from 1999-2004 can be accessed on the same page by clicking on Archives.

Text of Regulations

To view the current text of a Proposed Regulation or a regulation pending General Assembly Review, it is necessary to have the document number of the regulation which, if you don't have, can be obtained from the list of pending regulations as noted above. When you have the document number you can locate the text at: Search by Regulation Document Number on our Research page.

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