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Rule 34.

Calendar of Continued Bills

      When a Bill or other matter is under debate, a Senator may move to continue it as provided for in Rule 14, to the 2nd, or any special session of the same General Assembly, and if the Senate agrees thereto, the matter shall be continued only to the next regular session unless otherwise specified in the motion. However, if a Bill or other matter has been under extended debate on three (3) consecutive legislative days or has been under debate for five (5) hours on any one legislative day, then any Senator may move to continue the matter to the 2nd, or any special session of the same General Assembly.
      The Clerk of the Senate shall make up a Calendar of all matters so continued, placing the same thereon in the order in which they have been continued. At the ensuing session the continued matters shall be taken up and considered in the same stage in which they were when so continued. Matters ordered to be placed in the General Orders at the said ensuing session shall be placed there in turn and have priority according to the last order for consideration made upon them, and the Calendar shall be proceeded in as hereinbefore provided.

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