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Rule 35.

Admission to the Floor of Senate,
Granting the Privilege of the Floor


      No person shall be admitted to the floor of the Senate to that area behind the rail while the Senate is in session or in recess during a session, except as follows: immediate family members of a Senator; Members of the House of Representatives and their Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms; former members of the Senate and House of Representatives unless such former member is a lobbyist registered pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 17 of Title 2 of the Code of Laws, a candidate or acting on behalf of a candidate for an office elected by the General Assembly or confirmed or elected by either the House or Senate, or a member of the governing body or employee of any state agency or department; the Governor and one member of his or her staff; Constitutional Officers; Justices of the Supreme Court; President and Vice-President of the United States; Members of Congress; Governors of States and Territories; and such Senate staff, Senators' staff, no more than one member of the staff of each Senate Caucus, and Lieutenant Governor's staff, as the President of the Senate or any Member or Officer of the Senate may see fit to invite to a seat behind the rail. Members of the House of Representatives and former Members of the General Assembly, not subject to the foregoing limitations, shall be allowed on the floor of the Senate inside the rail. Members of a Senator's immediate family shall be allowed inside the rail only for the purposes of introductions.
      Not less than two hours prior to the daily convening of the Senate and while the Senate is in session or in recess during a session no person, except those hereinabove enumerated, shall be allowed beyond the outer doors of the Senate antechamber. Persons not hereinabove enumerated may be admitted only to the antechamber when accompanying a Senator, but any such person is required to leave immediately upon conclusion of their business.
      The Senate Cloakroom is reserved for the exclusive use of the Members of the Senate and their guests.


      Any member who wishes to have the privilege of the area of the floor behind the rail granted to a guest shall make such request, in writing, to the Chairman of the Senate Invitations Committee not less than two weeks prior to the date for which the request is made. Upon affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the membership of the Invitations Committee, the Chairman of the Committee is authorized to grant access to the area behind the rail for a limited period of time and with such conditions and limitations as the Chairman and/or the Committee deems appropriate. If the number of guests involved exceeds more than half of the maximum seating capacity in the area behind the rail, then the committee shall direct that these guests be seated in the balcony. No exceptions to this Rule may be made.
      Guests who are granted the privilege of the chamber behind the rail may not approach the podium unless the written request so specifies and the committee approves the request. A motion to grant the privilege of the floor within the rail may only be made by the Chairman or Vice Chair of the Invitations Committee.
      Any request to grant the privilege of the floor to address the body from the podium must be made in writing to the Chairman of the Invitations Committee two weeks prior to the date for which the request is made. Upon an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the membership of the Invitations Committee to grant such a request, the committee must introduce a Senate Resolution to that effect. The Senate must adopt this Resolution by majority vote of the entire membership.


      The use of the Senate Chamber is restricted to statewide sessions of the Senate or such other meetings of the Senate or its committees as the Senate may, by Resolution, authorize. The use of the Senate Chamber for meetings by outside groups or individuals is limited to normal business hours on Monday through Friday and is prohibited unless authorized by a vote of the Senate upon a favorable recommendation of the Senate Invitations Committee. Incidental use or visitation by individuals or group tours may be authorized by the Clerk of the Senate.

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