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Session 122 (2017-2018)
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Vote# Bill# Summary/Motion Date/Time Candidate Yeas Nays N/V Exc.
Pres. Abstain Total Result
[H]-71H 3515(Hurricane Matthew)
Passage of Joint Resolution
02/14/2017 12:53 pm990131000122Passed
[H]-70H 3176(Individual retirement accounts)
Passage of Bill
02/14/2017 12:43 pm1011101000122Passed
[H]-69H 3429(Banks and Savings and Loan Associations)
Passage of Bill
02/14/2017 12:39 pm983111000122Passed
[H]-66H 3677(Code volumes revised and adopted)
Passage of Joint Resolution
02/08/2017 11:40 am10909400122Passed
[H]-65H 3035(In-state tuition)
Passage of Bill
02/08/2017 11:36 am10945400122Passed
[H]-64S 0310(Town of Camden)
Passage of Bill
02/08/2017 11:16 am99019400122Passed
[H]-62H 3661(Calhoun county voting precincts)
Passage of Bill
02/07/2017 12:54 pm92026400122Passed
[H]-61H 3458(Henry Parks Moss, Jr. Memorial Port)
Passage of Joint Resolution
02/07/2017 12:51 pm91027400122Passed
[H]-60H 3465(Definitions and terms used in Children's Code)
Passage of Bill
02/07/2017 12:45 pm99118400122Passed
[H]-58H 3218(Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act)
Passage of Bill
02/02/2017 11:10 am102112700122Passed
[H]-57H 3340(Dams)
Passage of Bill
02/02/2017 10:36 am96019700122Passed
[H]-50H 3218(Dams and Reservoirs Safety Act)
Passage of Bill
02/01/2017 11:58 am104313200122Passed
[H]-49H 3289(Safe following distance)
Passage of Bill
02/01/2017 11:32 am96024200122Passed
[H]-48H 3296(Virginia Tech special license plates)
Passage of Bill
02/01/2017 11:28 am97122200122Passed
[H]-47H 3531(Wild cats, Apes, and Bears)
Passage of Bill
02/01/2017 11:24 am99516200122Passed
[H]-46H 3340(Dams)
Passage of Bill
02/01/2017 11:14 am109011200122Passed
[H]-45H 3442(Adoption)
Passage of Bill
02/01/2017 10:53 am103017200122Passed
[J]-5S 0108(Judicial elections)
Election to Family Court, At-Large, Seat 8
02/01/2017 10:16 amHon. Rosalyn W. Frierson84083000167Elected
Laurel Eden Harvey Hendrick79088000167Not Elected
[J]-4S 0108(Judicial elections)
Election to Family Court, At-Large, Seat 7
02/01/2017 10:14 amDelton Wright Powers, Jr.650102000167Not Elected
Thomas Tredway Hodges98069000167Elected
[J]-2S 0108(Judicial elections)
Election to Circuit Court, 7th Jud. Cir., Seat 2
02/01/2017 10:11 amGrace Gilchrist Knie15718010167Elected
[H]-43H 3517(Hunting and fishing)
Passage of Bill
01/31/2017 12:55 pm100015700122Passed
[H]-42H 3221(Fiscal practices and budgetary conditions)
Passage of Bill
01/31/2017 12:46 pm101013800122Passed
[H]-41H 3220(S.C. Education and Economic Development Coordinating Council)
Passage of Bill
01/31/2017 12:42 pm101113700122Passed
[H]-40H 3346(Pickens County School Board of Trustees)
Passage of Bill
01/31/2017 12:35 pm64447700122Passed
[H]-37H 3582(Voting precincts)
Passage of Bill
01/26/2017 11:24 am97020500122Passed
[H]-36H 3406(Maintenance tax imposed by Workers' Comp Commissions)
Passage of Bill
01/26/2017 11:19 am105012500122Passed
[H]-35H 3237(Secretary of Transportation)
Passage of Bill
01/26/2017 11:13 am106011500122Passed
[H]-34H 3441(Workers' Compensation)
Passage of Bill
01/26/2017 11:03 am90027500122Passed
[H]-33H 3488(Insurance)
Passage of Bill
01/26/2017 10:59 am99018500122Passed
[H]-31H 3501(House rules)
Adopt House Resolution
01/25/2017 03:40 pm77349200122Passed
[H]-30H 3499(House rules)
Adopt House Resolution
01/25/2017 03:07 pm87249200122Passed
[H]-29H 3497(House rules)
Adopt House Resolution
01/25/2017 02:50 pm11109200122Passed
[H]-28H 3494(House rules)
Adopt House Resolution
01/25/2017 02:46 pm103017200122Passed
[H]-27H 3331(Rules of the House of Representatives)
Table Motion to Adjourn Debate
01/25/2017 02:41 pm425820200122Failed
[H]-25H 3537(Election districts)
Passage of Bill
01/24/2017 01:04 pm90028400122Passed
[H]-23H 3464(Georgetown County Snow days)
Passage of Joint Resolution
01/19/2017 10:41 am780321200122Passed
[H]-21S 0042(School District 4)
Passage of Joint Resolution
01/18/2017 02:33 pm74041700122Passed
[H]-20H 3462(Florence County, Board of Trustees for School District Three)
Passage of Bill
01/18/2017 02:29 pm75041600122Passed
[H]-18H 3462(Florence County, Board of Trustees for School District Three)
Passage of Bill
01/17/2017 12:39 pm88033100122Passed

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