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Approved Sponsors of Continuing Education Programs

The following agencies, departments and organizations have been approved by the Committee as Continuing Education Program Sponsors; under the conditions outlined below:

Conditions for Sponsor-Provided Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education Programs provided by approved Sponsors can be delivered in a variety of formats, including but not limited to: conferences; seminars; training sessions and programs; live remote broadcasts of conferences and seminars; taped rebroadcasts of conferences or seminars; audio tape presentations; web-based presentations; CD-ROMs; DVDs; or similar media under the following conditions.

Coordinator Qualifications

All Coordinators must meet the following requirements:

Model for a Uniform Certificate of Attendance

Note: State law requires certification of attendance.

We have provided a model for A Uniform Certificate of Attendance for use in the Continuing Education training. This is a suggested model to document attendance at the activities. See SC Code Sec. 6-29-1360. This is not a requirement but a suggested model.

A model Uniform Certificate of Attendance

Becoming an Approved Sponsor of Continuing Education Programs

Information on becoming an Approved Sponsor of Continuing Education Programs

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