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Request for Certification of an Upcoming Continuing Education Program

The SC Planning Education Advisory Committee (SCPEAC), established pursuant to Section 6-29-1310 (et. Seq.) South Carolina Code of Laws, seeks proposals by providers of educational programs and/or courses to be reviewed and considered for certification by the Advisory Committee.

Title 6, Chapter 29, South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act Of 1994, Article 9 requires a minimum of 3 hours of continuing education (CE) annually for those who are not exempt pursuant to Section 6-29-1350. Appointed officials (planning commissioners, board of zoning appeals members, or board of architectural review members) and professional employees (planning professionals, zoning administrator or official, or a deputy or assistant to the above) are required to comply with the educational provisions. See Section 6-29-1310 (et. Seq.) for further details.

Technology offers opportunities to enhance traditional learning models by increasing access to educational opportunities for officials or employees. Educational proposals from an array of providers and through different formats will be considered, dependent upon quality control provisions. All formats must include a Coordinator. See below for information on Coordinator qualifications; no self-educational methods are authorized.

Credit Hours are based on actual minutes of education including reasonable question and answer periods during the class. Note: Introductory remarks, business meetings, breaks, receptions, luncheons, etc. are not to be included in the computation of credit.

Application Form

All proposals will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee within 10 working days of receipt. If no concerns or objections are raised by the committee members, the application will be considered approved. If there are concerns, or additional information is required, applicants will be informed and a committee meeting will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity. Applicants will receive notice from the SCPEAC Chairman of the action taken.

The Application for Accreditation of a Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education Program Conditions

Continuing Education Programs can be delivered in a variety of formats; including but not limited to; conferences; seminars; training sessions and programs; live remote broadcasts of conferences and seminars; taped rebroadcasts of conferences or seminars; audio tape presentations; web-based presentations; CD-ROMs; DVDs; or similar media under the following conditions:

Coordinator Qualifications

All Coordinators must meet the following requirements:
Model for a Uniform Certificate of Attendance

Note: State law requires certification of attendance.

We have provided a model for A Uniform Certificate of Attendance for use in the Continuing Education training. This is a suggested model to document attendance at the activities. See SC Code Sec. 6-29-1360. This is not a requirement but a suggested model.

The model Uniform Certificate of Attendance.

Questions pertaining to any of these applications or general information should be directed to:

Mr. Stephen G Riley, ICMA-CM
SCPEAC Chairman
Town Manager
One Town Center Court
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
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